Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is Coming..

Tonight we went out and got our very first grown up Christmas tree. For the past 3 years that we have celebrated Christmas together- we have lived in the trailer- and always had to buy a charlie brown christmas tree that is only like 2 feet tall. But this year- we have our own little house and actually could get a big tree. It was so fun to go the lot and pick out our tree. We decided on the grand fir. It is kind of a crossbreed between a Douglass and a Noble Fir. I prefer the noble fir and sean likes the Douglass fir- therefore the Grand was the perfect medium. We strapped the 6 ft tree on top of Turbo and off we went. We picked up christmas sprinkled donut holes on the way home and enjoyed our 1st day of December-decorating our tree. Nothing better than spiced cider, donut holes, christmas music, fire, and decorating the tree with the person you love the most!
Happy December 1st. Hope everyone has a blessed holiday season and remember the true reason we celebrate this time of year. There is no other time of year I love more! Everything about December and Christmas makes me joyful!

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