Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend.

You would think that I would have all this time to blog and I would blog multiple times a week since I am on maternity leave, but somehow all the days are blended together and the time ticks away so fast each day. All I do is lay on the couch, watch tv, nurse reid, change his diaper, and visit with friends and family that stop by. Its crazy how non-productive my days are. Well a couple weekends ago- we actually got out of our house and met some friends at Georges in La Jolla for lunch and walked around for a bit. The weather in San Diego was amazing that weekend. Unfortunately the weather has been cold and wet since then, but kind of fun staying inside with our newborn cozied up under blankets and having candles and fire burning..
Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones and take a moment to reflect on what you are thankful for. We all are so blessed and its so easy to take life for granted. I am thankful for so many things: my savior, sean, reid, family, friends, beautiful san diego, our home, meals- (especially all the yummy ones people have brought over the past few weeks- thank you soo much), my health, our jobs, etc... Be thankful.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In theme of this week beginning with Valentine's Day.. I just wanted to write about LOVE. I thought I knew what love meant when I met Sean. And I think I continue to learn how to love him more and more each day. But there is something so different when you have a baby. Your love tank expands to new levels. It is indescribable. Our love for Reid is crazy! On Valentine's day, Sean and I spent the day at home just relaxing. Sean always makes a delicious meal for us on Valentines day. He makes macadamia nut crusted halibut with mashed potatoes and asparagus, with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. He started this tradition 4 years ago and we enjoy it every year!
Well as Sean was making this amazing meal, Reid fell asleep and so I placed him in the middle of the couch. I had to go to the bathroom real quick and in the matter of minutes- we heard a thump and a scream. It was absolutely TERRIFYING. Sean and I rushed over to find him on the hardwood floors screaming his eyes out. Sean scooped him up real quick and i was kneeling beside them shaking and praying over him that he would be ok. I never ever thought an infant could roll himself off the couch. What a wake up call.
Needless to say, he was fine.. but never in Sean or my life have we been so scared and felt so emotional over his little life. We have only known him for 13 days and yet we were a complete mess when seeing his helpless self on the floor.
Therefore LOVE has a whole new meaning to us! We absolutely adore this little guy and each day is a pure blessing from the Lord. It made me think of how we are all children of God and we fall everyday and it must make our father in heaven so sad. God loves all of us so much and yet not until I became a parent had I ever been able to make that connection.
So where ever you are in life, continue to LOVE in whatever capacity you can. Everyone deserves love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy First Week Reid!

What a fun week of FIRST's. In celebration of Reid's first week of life, I wanted to post a few pics of his very first sponge bath at home. He loved the water running over his head- but when it came time to de-robe him- he wasn't so jazzed. We have enjoyed all the firsts this week. From bringing him home for the first time to being peed on numerous times, to his first doctor's appointment, to his first night sleeping in his bassinet next to us in our room without anyone helping. We love our little FIRST born! We cant believe a week has already passed. Time truly flies when you are having FUN!

No more Prego Twinsies, but now Baby boy Twinsies!

If you have read my blog throughout my pregnancy, you might remember that one of my best friend's was pregnant with me. She had her precious boy 3 weeks ago. Baby Franklin and Karrie came over to hang with us the other day -to let the boys formally meet. It was so fun to see them side by side. After 10 months of pregnancy- we had dreamt of this day of finally seeing them next to each other.
I cant wait to heal up more and more so that we can go on lots of play-dates together. Here are a couple pics of the two little peanuts.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birth Day: Reid Austin Walker

February 3rd, 2011 our first born son arrived at 9:55am weighing in at 7lbs 4 oz and 20.5 inches long. We cannot express to you what an amazing day it was. Sean and I could not stop crying and smiling for the first 24 hours and beyond.

The day began early. I woke up at 530am to shower and get ready for the day. Sean turned on our Ipod while we were packing up and getting ready. The first song he played was David Crowder's "Oh Praise Him". It is one of our favorite songs. When we got married we played it as our recessional. There was no better song to play on the day of our son's birth than "oh praise him- for he is holy". The entire process of conceiving and carrying and then birthing a baby is purely from the Lord and he is to be praised solely! As we listened to the song- we both started balling. We found ourselves just holding each other standing in awe of what was about to occur in a few short hours.

Well, we arrived at the hospital at 7am and the preop process began. Everything went smoothly. At 930am- they walked me down to the OR. From there- Sean and I were separated. They wouldn't let Sean watch them do my spinal, so I went in without him until it was all set up and ready. I began to panic a little. I was so scared of the spinal, but to be honest it didn't even hurt. It was super easy. Five minutes later- they brought Sean into the OR and one minute later they were cutting me open. It was so quick!

And then..the infamous first cry. I cannot tell you the emotion that overwhelms you when you hear your child's first cry. I couldn't stop crying. It was absolutely incredible! I couldn't see him right away but Sean kept saying, "he is perfect.. he is gorgeous.." It was beyond amazing. It was so great to have Sean there with his camera so that he could document all parts of the day. We hope you enjoy our little bundle of joy. The last five days have been the BEST days of our lives. We cant stop kissing and staring at him.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The bump: 39 weeks+ the night before the birth

Wow.. I cant believe I am actually writing this post right now. It is 8:30 pm on February 2nd and I am laying on the couch next to Sean, watching Tv, fire burning, eating girl scout cookies, blogging. It is the night before our baby boy is going to be born. It is the craziest feeling knowing that he will be born tomorrow morning and that there is no more restless nights of wondering when he will make his debut. In 13 hours he will be out of my tummy! It is sooo crazy! I cannot describe the feelings I have been feeling today. I kept myself busy- meeting up with a dear friend for breakfast, mani-pedis, lunch, CPR class, lab draw, home to finish laundry and pack, then out for one last date night with my sweet husband. It has been an amazing day preparing for our lil man. I just cant believe that this pregnancy is almost over. I cant lie, I have LOVED being pregnant. Sure there are those things that get annoying about being pregnant, but for the most part- i have never ever in my life felt better. I was sharing with Sean tonight that this is the longest time in my life where i have been off ALL medications. It has been 14 months since I was last on medication for my Crohns and it has has been absolutely a miracle being able to carry this child.
We are overly anxious and excited tonight dreaming about how it will all go tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us as we endure a long awaited day. My C section will be at 930am tomor am! We are going to watch a lil modern family- and then call it a night.. One last night sleep before we are up every hour with Reid.
Thank you for all your love and support throughout these last 10 months, i have never in my life felt so BLESSED AND LOVED!
Stay tuned for an updated post tomorrow. We will try to get some photos and post an update tomorrow but don't know if the hospital will have Internet.
Here are a few photos of our last "non-parent" date tonight.. We tried a new restaurant in Hillcrest called "Red Door" and it was absolutely adorable and delicious!