Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In theme of this week beginning with Valentine's Day.. I just wanted to write about LOVE. I thought I knew what love meant when I met Sean. And I think I continue to learn how to love him more and more each day. But there is something so different when you have a baby. Your love tank expands to new levels. It is indescribable. Our love for Reid is crazy! On Valentine's day, Sean and I spent the day at home just relaxing. Sean always makes a delicious meal for us on Valentines day. He makes macadamia nut crusted halibut with mashed potatoes and asparagus, with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. He started this tradition 4 years ago and we enjoy it every year!
Well as Sean was making this amazing meal, Reid fell asleep and so I placed him in the middle of the couch. I had to go to the bathroom real quick and in the matter of minutes- we heard a thump and a scream. It was absolutely TERRIFYING. Sean and I rushed over to find him on the hardwood floors screaming his eyes out. Sean scooped him up real quick and i was kneeling beside them shaking and praying over him that he would be ok. I never ever thought an infant could roll himself off the couch. What a wake up call.
Needless to say, he was fine.. but never in Sean or my life have we been so scared and felt so emotional over his little life. We have only known him for 13 days and yet we were a complete mess when seeing his helpless self on the floor.
Therefore LOVE has a whole new meaning to us! We absolutely adore this little guy and each day is a pure blessing from the Lord. It made me think of how we are all children of God and we fall everyday and it must make our father in heaven so sad. God loves all of us so much and yet not until I became a parent had I ever been able to make that connection.
So where ever you are in life, continue to LOVE in whatever capacity you can. Everyone deserves love.

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Lazaro Family said...

sis, it is pretty rad how much you learn about LOVE when you have much God loves much our parents love much our children love much more love there is to give after you have another one, even when you feel like it's impossible to love another more than you love your first...God expands that to another level the more he blesses us. It's amazing. God loves us SO much! I love you,'s a special bond I have with you since you were sort of my first child ;)I love Reid so much already and he's not truly mine, but even as a nephew, it's an indescribable connection and protection I already have for him. love you, sister.