Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update since Easter....

Bella's first sleepover EVER.. and who did she pick??
 She picked Uncle Seanny and Tata Bri!! 
We had lots of fun with her.. She wanted to go to Sushi.. so funny.. so we were bein silly with our chopstix..
She will always be my baby.. but she is becoming such a lil lady.. I love her so much!

Hume Lake 2009/Memorial Day Weekend
Us, best friends and brother and girlfriend looking at the stars!
Cheri and Andrew (Love them)
Me and Marci(playin frisbie golf)
Brother and his GF.
Me and the brother on the porch.
Oh seanny!
Looking over the Kings Canyon

Sorry fellow bloggers, I have not been blogging as much since we have been back in San Diego. I feel like we are home and therefore nobody really checks our blog anymore.. but I have been notified of a few faithful readers and they have voiced their disappointment with the lack of updates.. hehehe..
So since Easter.. we have been living in La Mesa next to the Walkers in the trai trai. Sean and I are currently unemployed. Sean has been working with Bob ( his dad)  a lot during the week.. and I have been working on getting a Nsg job and everything looked great to go back to Kaiser and work at my old job, but just this past week they told me that there is no need right now. So its been real frustrating. I feel so purposeless without working. I am now with an agency called Nursefinders that helps me get temp jobs. I was a school nurse sub last week and look forward to getting more temp jobs.
Sean and I are in a BIG transition phase. Sean really believes that God is not calling him to Baseball anymore. Therefore we are searching out what is next for Team Walker. As of now, we are planning on living in San Diego through the summer, then we will leave to go to Baylor in August for Sean to finish school. Then come Christmastime- Sean will graduate and we will come back home to San Diego. From there, we will see what the Lord has for us. It is an exciting time, but also a bit scary. We have been challenged and want to make sure that we are seeking the Lord in everything. We want our desires to match God's desires.
We have had a great time with friends and family since weve been home.
Hope you enjoy all the updated pics. I will really try to blog more often.. Thank you for all your prayers and support. We love our lives.. even when its hard.
Please pray for me. My Crohn's disease has been bad lately. I hate being sick. Please pray that I will have strength through my sickness. 

Holly's Wedding

Holly and Jose's Wedding 
 Sheraton, Harbor Island
The Keeseys and Us dancing the night away!
the cute newly weds.. soo happy!!

One of Sean's childhood friends got married last night. It is always so fun to go to weddings, especially with good friends. All of Sean's pals  from Elementary, Junior High, High School, and now were there. Fun seeing old friends and meeting new.
Here are a few pics of last night. We love you Holly. Hope you have a fabulous honeymoon.. Welcome to the Newlywed Club!!