Friday, June 27, 2008

Team Walker vs. Team Douglass!!

Sean and I are finally back together again!!
After 14 very long days apart we enjoyed 2 whole off days!
We just enjoyed the sunshine laying and playing in the pool and making yummy dinners together.
Wednesday, we had our good friends Josey and Chance over for a BBQ.
Sean and I made marinated chicken, twice baked potatoes, cornbread and esparagus. It was so Delicious!
After dinner we played battle of the sexes, and of coarse the girls won!! Then we played chinese poker.. which is also very fun. After the in door games we moved out to the pool and played Marco polo, and categories til 1am. We ended the night in the hot tub!! It was soo fun!
I love being back home with my best friend. I missed him soo much!
THis married thing is crazy.. you really do feel like you are missing 1/2 of you when you dont have your spouse around!!
Well loves to all! Keep enjoying that warm summer sun!!

Hume Lake Christian Camp is the Funnest!!

So instead of going back to Corpus Christi on Wednesday the 18th.. My friends and I decided it would be much more fun for me to stay through the weekend and go to Hume Lake. My family has a cabin up there.. so Becky, Lauren, Allyson and I all went to Hume for the weekend. It was soo fun! My mom was there on Thursday, so we totally surprised her.. I havent seen her soo happy in a long time! It was great!
We enjoyed the warm sun in our very sexy ONE piece bathing-suits! It was so hot.. but got great tans!
We totally relaxed up there. We watched movies, made yummy food, walked the lake, and enjoyed the scenery. It was awesome. We even saw a mama deer and a baby deer..
I just missed one thing.. MY Sean!! I wish so bad he had time off in the summer so he could enjoy some of these fun things with me!
Well it was really fun.. Everyone should go to Hume at least once in their life. It is one of the most beautiful places in America.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Bestest Friend got Hitched!!

My Best friend, Miss Cheri Hunter married her love Andy Silberberg! They are one of the cutest couples ever(besides me and sean.. ha ha) Cheri looked absolutely beautiful! I have never seen such a glowing bride!! The whole wedding was gorgeous! We had so much fun at the bach party, rehearsal , and wedding. I love them soo much!! I am blessed by both of them. Sean and I get along soo well with the two of them. I have had so much fun being home! San Diego is sooo beautiful! I cant wait to be back in August for my 3rd wedding!! It is quite the Wedding year!! Well Team Silberberg, Team Walker welcomes you into the Married world! It is one amazing world to be in!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Silberberg Rehearsal DAY!!

Cheri and Andy are practicing for their big day!! They were soo happy!! What a fun day! I remember our rehearsal.. it was almost as fun as the wedding! So much anxiety and so much fun!! They got married in San Juan Capistrano at a beautiful church and then the reception was at his uncle's house! So fun and so intimate!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cheri's Bachelorette Bash!!

It was time for Cheri to spend one last night with all the gals! We had so much fun downtown. We went to the Red Circle and had tapas and drinks. It was delicious!! Definitely recommend it! Great appetizers and great $5 happy hour drinks. Super cool atmosphere too!! After dinner we went to the Pyke Loft and had champagne and chocolate strawberries and opened lingere and went in their theatre and played a game with cheri!
After that we ran around downtown, and ended up at the bride's request of JACK IN THE BOX!! So we ate tacos, mozarella sticks and curly fries at midnight!! DISGUSTING but DELICIOUS!!
Well we had a great time just being obnoxious girls!
I love all my friends soo much! I ve got the best friends a girl could ask for!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pool Day with Tio, Bella, Diego, And Meliss

Tata Bri is here in SD and we enjoyed the beautiful weather going to the club pool. Bella who is only 3.5 can swim all on her own without her floaties! She even dived off the diving board without her floaties. After a while, she wanted her floaty back on but for most of the day she swam all on her own. Tio and Tata were sooo proud!! I love my lil bella boo!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Sweet Tart for my Sweet Heart!!

Seanny loves fruit tarts for dessert! I have never made one.. so since he was gone for 8 long days.. i decided to get a recipe off the internet and then add to it! It came out soooo delicious! I dont even like fruity desserts and this one was to die for!! I made my mom's famous sugar rice krispie cookie dough for the crust then laid a cream cheese filling on top. I refrigerated it overnight and added fresh sliced strawberries on top the next day. He died over it!! It was soo good! I will share the recipe on my sister's new share it recipe blog!
Well i love my seanny! I sure do miss him and i sure do love bakin for him!
I think that cooking is going to be my new hobby. I really love it and i get awfully proud of things that turn out good.. hence the ridiculous pics! Ok so i get a lil bored in Texas! Not my fault!