Friday, March 27, 2009

"Released" into God's hands

Yesterday, Sean walked into the Astro's spring training facility ready to get treatment done on his injured oblique muscle. Sean has been battling his oblique being strained for the last two weeks. As he went to dress out for the day, he noticed his jersey was no longer hanging in his locker. At that point he know his time had just been cut short to play for the Houston Astros. The Astros decided that they wanted to allow some of their younger guys to have an opportunity and that there wasn't a spot for Sean. Therefore, he was released from the Astros . We felt a spectrum of emotions. From being shocked, frustrated, sad, angry, to excited knowing God is in full control and He will prevail. We began to see a different meaning to the word released. We felt that it wasn't fair, that they didn't even give Sean a opportunity to make a team. But after a lot of thinking and meditating, we realized that there is so much peace and joy in our God. He is our leader. He is in complete control of our lives, and find content in Him. He is the one who has allowed Sean to be released in his hands so that Sean and I can do BIG things for Him. We are excited to see what that plan looks like. Sean believes God has given him the talent to be a pitcher. He believes he can do it and do it well. Although it has affected Sean's pride, right now he feels more enabled than ever to succeed in baseball. Our plan right now is to return home to San Diego..( yes I am secretly real excited to come back home), Sean will continue to train and heal from his injury, I will try to get a 3 month contract with a hospital. But who knows, God might have a much different plan for us. Sean will then try out for teams in about 6 weeks. We believe that this release is a closed door with the Astros, but not a closed door to baseball. In the next few months we will be able to know more. Please continue to pray for us as we endure this exciting life. We appreciate all your emails, texts and phone calls. We have been overwhelmed with the support we have received. My sister sent us a verse that we loved! 
It is Proverbs 19:21
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."
We love all of you and will be seeing many of you soon.

Boston- Pediatric IBD Consortium

I traveled to Boston on Monday and Tuesday of last week. I love Boston. I was only there for Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning. I went to Boston for my first board meeting. I was privileged to be asked to serve as a board member for the Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)Consortium. It was very fun and informative. I felt a bit intimidated by everyone at first. I was the youngest by 15 years. The board consisted of people from lawyers, physicians, CFO's, established bankers, and others. I was the only one on the board that actually has IBD, all the others are parents of children with IBD. Basically this non profit organization is doing research for Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis to find better treatments and hopefully one day a cure. It was fascinating to learn that there really has been no research done for pediatric IBD, all the funds go to adult research. I am very excited to contribute to this consortium. They are doing a few different research projects. One has to do with the bacteria that grows in the digestive system to see if that has anything to do with the disease. Being a nurse, I get excited about the medical and research aspect of this organization. But I also get excited to bring more awareness to this disease so that others know about it and can be better educated.
I am uncertain of my exact role. But I hope to contribute personal experience and enthusiasm to this board. I unfortunately do not have the monetary contribution like many of them do, but hopefully one day will be able to contribute more. I truly believe the cure is out there. There are 12 brilliant pediatric gastroenterologists in this consortium working to find the cause and cure to these diseases. I am excited to be a part of this thrilling project. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5-4-3-2-1- BLAST OFF!!

Our dear friends Sarah and Jeff
Discovery Blast off!

The smoke changing all different colors as the shuttle leaves the atmosphere
Sean and I having so much fun!

Sunday at precisely 7:43 pm the Discovery space shuttle launched to space. It was one of the most fascinating things Sean and I have ever seen. It was absolutely amazing to watch and hear and to think that there was a crew of seven leaving their families to discover the outerspace. So risky, an adventure of a lifetime. Our dear friends, the Mandels, live near Cape Canaveral, where the shuttle was launched. Sean played baseball with Jeff at Baylor and was great friends with him and his wife Sarah. I have truly enjoyed getting to know both of them more. We wish we were on the same team so we could have them around all year. Well as we got closer to the launch, sean researched NASA and all the incredible things about the actual shuttle and space. We trivia was so interesting.  Here is some trivia that I thought was crazy:

Q. How much does the Space Shuttle cost?
A. The Space Shuttle Endeavour, the orbiter built to replace the Space Shuttle Challenger, cost approximately $1.7 billion.

Q. What types of propellants are used in the Shuttle? How much do they weigh?
A. At liftoff, an orbiter and External Tank carry 835,958 gallons of the principle liquid propellants: hydrogen, oxygen, hydrazine, monomethylhydrazine, and nitrogen tetroxide. The total weight is 1,607,185 pounds.

Q. How fast does a Shuttle travel? What is its altitude? How much fuel does it use?
A. Like any other object in low-Earth orbit, a Space Shuttle must reach speeds of about 17,500 miles per hour (28,000 kilometers per hour) to remain in orbit. The exact speed depends on the Space Shuttle's orbital altitude, which normally ranges from 190 miles to 330 miles (304 kilometers to 528 kilometers) above sea level, depending on its mission.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


We finally landed in Kissimmee, FL at 1130 Thursday night. After 40 hours in the car, 9 tanks of gas, 50 riddles, 20 sudoku games, and 10 Cd's made by our amazing friend Pat, we were ready to be out of the car and be settled. 
It was a long drive, but all our stops were very fun along the way. We truly made the best out of the drive. Sean is an amazing driver and busted through state after state.  We unpacked and got settled yesterday, made dinner and went to bed early. Today, Sean started camp. He was up at 6 for a physical, then onto working out and start spring training. He said it was a great day. He is very excited for the season. He said that there are not very many old guys and a lot of new guys that the Astros' picked up from other teams. Sean says it will be interesting where everyone fits on the teams. We are hoping for a great spring training. Sean feels mentally strong, and physically ready to work harder than any of his teammates. It is exciting to see the fire in his soul for baseball.  We are looking forward to meeting new friends and to be an ongoing light to all around us. I am currently looking for a part time job, but look forward to this time of rest for my body to heal. Please pray for both of us that we will be healthy. Also pray that God will place people in our lives to witness to and befriend. We look forward to opening our home open to boys each week for a home cooked meal. I loved doing it last year and hope to do it more this year.
Thank you for all your prayers. We are safe and excited to start a new chapter in our lives. Please read below for pictures and stories of our journey across the US.

Louisianna- Home of Mr. David!

I actually shot and hit the skeet in this pic, 
even with my bangs completely covering my eyes.. hahah.. i was soo EXCITED!
Me and Mo- almost died on the Mule.. SO FUN!
The funnest Four!!
Those shot guns are LOUD.. gotta keep our ear plugs in!
Shooting skeet with a 12 gauge shot gun. Result: not much shot, but a gigantic bruise from my right shoulder to my bicep. OUCH!!
Sean shooting skeet.. and he is really good at it.
Mr. David and Mr. Sean hunting birds.

Along our journey, we always stop in Hammond, Louisiana to visit our dear friend-Mr. David Clemons. Mr. David is one of Sean's fellow Kappa Sig brothers from Baylor. There is no one like Mr. David. He is PURE country boy. He is amazing. Sean and I have more fun with him. He lives in a very small town where everyone knows everyone. Mr. David is very respected in his town. Anyways, we had a hoot of a time with him and his girlfriend this year. We ate alligator, craw fish, jambalaya, shot skeet with 12 g shot guns, shot the rifle at targets, off roaded on the four wheeler's,  and drank purple haze(the best raspberry ale) by the fire. It was awesome to get to know both David and Mo, his girlfriend. They always are so hospitable and let us play, play, play. Sean is in heaven when we are at Mr. David's camp and gets to be a real boy.. chopping trees down for fire wood, shooting his gun at anything he chooses, fishing.. etc.
I think Sean and I would do well in a small town. It is so simple and relaxing. It is truly good ol' fun. Don't need much money to entertain yourselves for hours.
Thank you Mr. David for being such a gentleman and so hospitable to us California Kids.
Oh P.S. I ate ALLIGATOR!! I was a bit nervous, but it was actually very good. It tasted like Chicken!! I was so proud of myself.

Vegas Baby!!

Ready to hit the town..
Ben and Tiff

The foursome being silly
PETER LIK and his biggest fan- Sean Walker
In front of this awesome water feature at the Wynn.
Me and Tiff 
TI (Treasure Island)
On our way across the country.. we had our annual stop in LAS VEGAS with our dear friend's the Keesey's. Ben is one of Sean's best friends since childhood. He is married to an amazing woman named Tiffany. We are very blessed to know them and to have them as our wonderful friends. We stayed at the TI( also known as the treasure island). It was really nice. The rooms have all been remodeled and are super clean and modern. We enjoyed the first day walking around, eating dinner at the Venetian, meeting Peter Lik( a phenomenal famous photographer). Peter Lik is a world renown landscape photographer. He travels the world and truly captures God's beauty. Lik has only a few galleries, one in La Jolla, one in Las Vegas, one in Waikiki.. and a couple more. Sean and I have been to 3 of his galleries and always in awe of his work. Well we stopped in the gallery in Vegas to show Ben and Tiff his amazing work. While we were in the gallery, Sean says " Babe, that's Peter Lik himself". I turned around and it really was him. Sean was in HEAVEN. He got to shake the hand of his biggest idol, and snap a picture with him too. (See picture above) Sean was truly star- struck. He couldn't stop talking about him all night. It was so cool! Not only did he meet Lik but Lik was in the gallery with Evander Holyfield, the famous boxer who had his ear bit off.. 
So to say the least, the boys were pretty excited.
While we were in Vegas we saw a Cirque du Soleil show, MYSTERE, It was Incredible!! My 2nd favorite after "O". The weekend was packed full of good food, sight seeing, dancing and great company.