Monday, March 31, 2008

We are Finally in Corpus and Welcomed by a Popstar Surprise!!

So in the last four days we have stayed in 4 different cities! It has been soo crazy. We left Orlando Thurs afternoon and arrived in Hammond, LA thursday night. We got there after 9 hours of driving, and once we arrived David Clemons was itchin to go grab some food and shoot some pool with us. He is amazing guy! Now I know why sean has been so obsessed over him. He is all around GREAT!! So at 10pm we walked down to town and grabbed some pizza and shot some pool. We were out til 115 am and then hit the sack to wake up at 8 am the next day to drive 9 hours to Dallas, Tx. Once we arrived in Dallas we met up with one of sean's old friend's from Baylor. We then went to another friend of Sean's Rehearsal dinner. It was fun to meet many of the guys sean lived with throughout college. My dear friend Dana was also in this wedding, so i got to see her at the dinner. Very fun!! That night we crashed at his friend's house. We woke up Saturday mornin to head to Round Rock, Tx for an exibition game against triple AAA. That game was really fun! Austin is awesome! Then Sunday mornin we headed to our final destination, Corpus Christi!! We arrived here and had to drop Sean immediatly off at the field! I met up with a couple other wives, grabbed lunch, got ready for the game and then went to their 2nd exibition game.

This game was really fun because Mr Sexy back himself was at the game! Justin Timberlake is in a new movie called "The Open Road"- and it is based off a baseball theme. He is a Corpus Christi Hook in the movie, therefore they were shooting some of the film at the field! Jessica Biel is dating Justin, and so she joined him out here. Sean had a kick hanging out with them and chatting with different people in the film crew! Sean was the professional photographer for the team.. ha ha.. He has a new nick name as paparatzi sean because he wouldnt stop taking pictures of them. As you can see he snagged a couple good ones of them. Sean also had Justin sign a baseball for me.. kind of sweet and funny!
One of the newspaper writers found out about the signed ball and interviewed me for the corpus christi times.. The link below shows you the few statements about us.. Pretty funny!! It is the last 2 paragraphs of the article!! So i guess our first day in Corpus wasnt so shabby!

Today we woke up and spent the first hour searching for a breakfast joint.. couldnt even find a Denny's.. so ended up at Starbucks. Sean has eaten Starbucks for bfast the last four days with me and is a bit sick of eating a pastry and coffee.. He reminded me today that he is a professional athlete and needs more than that!! Pretty hysterical!!

Anywho.. we are trying to find a place to live. After looking all day.. pretty frustrated. But we know God has somethin for us!
Good News is I have an interview set up for thursday for the Children's Hospital that is in town! Pray hard guys.. I need a job and we need a place to live asap!!
Well cant wait till some of you come and visit! There aint much here.. but we will figure out the hot spots!
Love you all. We made it safe and are excited for this baseball season!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Double AA HERE WE COME!!! Watch out.. Mr Walker is on FIRe!!

Hey loved ones.. sean is seriously on fire! He pitched yesterday and it was the absolute best i have ever seen!! He was supposed to pitch on Thursday, but surprised him and said he had to pitch Wed. He did awesome though!!
He pitched a total of 59 pitches in 6 innings! (That is really good, in case my friends dont know.. ha ha) He also pitched 80% strikes! (Also AMAZING). He also gave up NO runs, and no walks and struck out 7! And last but not least, he got two at bats.. and the first at bat he hit a rocket over second base and got a HIT!! So GREAT!! It was so fun to watch! I was screaming and jumping up and down when he got on base.. After he got a hit, the next guy was walked. So sean got over to 2nd, then the next guy got out and sean stole third with an amazingly awkward slide... It was awesome and he wasww SAFE.. the next two got out so he didnt make it home.. oh well!
Well after that amazing outing.. he found out he made the double AA roster! We are soo excited. We are headed out of Florida right now. Everything is packed up and ready to hit the road!!
We cant tell you how thankful we are of all your prayers!
Thank you soo much!
Here are some pictures of him pitching and hitting... Then that night we went out and celebrated over some good food and drinks and the last one is of us enjoying the sunshine at a gorgeous resort!!
We have had an amazing time here in florida and are thrilled to start our next journey..
More updates to come!! Now its time to find a place to live, find a job, and start our great season of baseball!!
Talk to you all soon. Love you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter in Orlando!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter Sunday! It actually was one of my most favorite Easters! I know. I thought I was going to be really sad being away from home, family, cousins, amazing food, Easter egg hunts... But Sean and I had the best time! The day before, Sean pitched an amazing game! He threw 5 innings, and it was AWESOME!! The coaches told him before the game that he was going to have to hit that day too. Sean hasn't hit since high school, so when it was his time to go up to the plate, he was nothing but smiles! It was like a lil boy in tee ball.. he was so anxious to get a piece of that ball. Sean did great.. and after a couple balls and a couple strikes, he hit the ball soo hard.. right up third base line. Unfortunately they got him out.. but it was so fun to watch. I had my camera to take his picture, but of coarse the battery was completely dead!!
Anyway after a great game. We came home had a nice dinner and then dyed Easter eggs. We had a lot of fun.. they weren't turning out the way Martha Stewart had taught us on TV an earlier day!! But nonetheless, Sean was hysterical with all his ideas!
The Next day was Easter! We got up early, opened our Easter baskets, and Sean sent me on a egg hunt throughout our apartment that he had hid when i went to bed the night before. So Adorable!! Each egg had another clue to find the next egg.. all led up to an amazing date he is taking me on tonight! We are goin to go lay out at this cool hotel, then out to dinner to this really nice restaurant, then off to fun zone to race on the go cart track! Should be really fun!
Well after opening our baskets.. we headed over to Mimi's for a tasty breakfast, then went to an awesome church!
After Sean was done with baseball, we had 2 other couples over to eat a big Easter feast! I made a delicious ham, great potato casserole,baked beans, rolls for dinner,plus turkey pin rolls, veggie platter, and fresh guac and chips for appetizers. It all turned out real good. I was so excited everything worked out! I had never made a ham or my moms famous Easter potatoes and was a bit worried.. but all worked perfectly! It was really fun to hang out with the other couples and after dinner we played battle of the sexes! So hilarious! Of course the girls won!!
Well we still don't know where we are goin! Looks still like Double AA but.. who knows!!
Keep praying.. we will update as soon as we know. It is crazy that it is Tuesday and we probably are leaving Thursday and yet we don't know still for sure! SO NERVE RACKING!!
Well love you all... Have a great Week!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more week of Spring Training!!-TIME TO PRAY HARD!!

Hey guys.. it is now thursday, the first day of spring.. and if we are really lucky and in Double AA this year, we will be leavin Orlando in exactly one week! It has flown by!! This past week we had fun on St Patricks day going to a local pub with the entire Astros Organization(not planned) but all the boys showed up for a good time. We, unlike them, got there at 8pm and were out of there by 9:30pm. We are not used to being out at all at night and 9:30 was pushin it, our bed was callin us home!
The boys were shocked to see us leave so early, but we didnt care one bit! That night at the pub, we hung out with a new couple we just met. He was with the Padres Organization for the past 5 years and recently got picked up with the Astros. They are from South Carolina and have been married for 4.5 years. She was really sweet.. it was so good to just talk to another wife. The next day we had them over for dinner, and the next day she and I hung out and went shopping and laid out while the boys played. It was so refreshing to be with another girl and hear all her baseball stories.. All in all this time out here has really been very relaxing and fun for the both of us. Sean and I are just anxiously waiting the assignment of where we will be heading. As far as baseball stuff.. they started releasing people yesterday.. soo scary... 3 pitchers that sean had known over the years got released.. and he thinks a bunch more people will be released tomorrow!! This is the time where it gets very stressful around the field and clubhouse. Pray!! Sean and I had the privilege to go out to dinner with the head Big League chaplain last night. It was really great. He is a young guy who really loves the Lord. It was interesting to hear his background in that he grew up going to Hume Lake Christian Camps and decided his senior year in camp, while my dad was speaking, to commit his life to ministry.. So wierd all the different connections we had, but great to go out to eat with another strong believer. Great resource for Sean throughout this journey!!
Well guys.. Sean pitched an awesome outing on Tuesday. He got to pitch 3 innings... and the first two were awesome, 1-2-3 outs in both innings... then the third was a bit more rocky in allowing 2 runs coming in.. but his pitching looked great.. and the coaches seemed pleased!
All we can ask for is that God will have us wherever he wants us! Please continue to pray for sean.. We really want to be in DoubleAA but know God ultimately knows the BEST plan for us!
Love all of you.. miss you more and more everyday!
Sorry no pics this time.. We have been slacking with the camera!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Becky meets Orlando and Sean's first Games!

This past week was so fun having our dear friend Becky in town. She was here working for a conference and then stayed with us for 4 extra days. SO FUN!! It was so refreshing having a lil piece of home here with us. We had lots of fun. We went to a big league game, Sean taught us how to golf and went golfing for free and drove those crazy carts, we cooked and made a huge fiesta for some of Sean's friends..(one who had a big crush on beckers.. haha.. inside joke). We also explored Orlando and found the cutest town named CELEBRATION. Walt Disney designed it and it actually feels like the Truman Show. Everything is PERFECT. Cutest houses with white picket fences, immaculate landscaping, and the cutest downtown that feels like toon town. SO fun!
We also went to Universal city walk and Downtown Disney. The pictures of Becky and I in the Harley Davidson get up was taken at the Harley store in downtown Disney and we just couldn't resist taking pics with the leather vests and the flame doo rags. SO hilarious! Sean was dying!
Well, it was great fun having a friend out here. Wish more of you could come visit. Sean and I cant believe we only have 2 more weeks here. It has gone soo fast. And I am still soo white.. the weather has been awful!
Sean started pitching in scrimmage games this past week. Both games he pitched only one inning. Their coaches are only letting each of the pitchers pitch one inning right now so everyone gets time and no one gets worn out. The first outing was a little bit better than the second. Neither were fantastic, but nothing to worry about. He is still just getting into the groove of things. He pitches 2 innings tomorrow, so hopefully it will be great! He loves his new pitching coach, and believes he has taught him a lot of great techniques. His big pitch right now is his change up. Sean believes it could be great this season! Once Sean starts pitching more I will let him explain all this baseball stuff in more detail, since I clearly don't know very much! I am learning though!
Well continue to pray for Sean and I in being a light to all we meet! Some of these guys,we've met, have great hearts but are just so lost.
We look forward to Easter and the special meaning it brings to all of us. Our Savior is so gracious. Easter is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ's miracle with everyone who may not believe. Rejoice in the fact that we have a glorious God who has saved us from so many things we least deserve. Love you guys, miss you!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our First week in Florida!

So we have had a wonderful first week in Florida. Although,the weather has not been that great... with torential downpours and tornado watches, and the next night freezing warnings, and the next day warnings of shark infested waters along the coastlines.. and the next day....etc.. etc.. So sad to say the sunny florida we were awaiting, hasn't been too sunny! But we have enjoyed our days with sleeping in till 8ish, takin Sean to baseball and then I usually go workout, run around, hit up starbucks or panera, and come back to go pick up sean around 1. Our afternoons usually consist of lunch at home, naps(usually Sean is the one to sleep while i watch Martha Stewart, Ellen, Oprah...)Then we get up and hang out and make dinner... The other night we had a couple of Sean's friends over from the team. I made a ton of food and barely anything was left over. It was amazing to see how much these baseball guys eat!!
Last night we went on our first date to Downtown Disney. It was very fun. We went to Rainforest Cafe and ate dinner.. always a fun one, and sean had never been there before. Afterward, we went into the rainforest store and took pictures with snakes because Gabriella (our niece) is obsessed with snakes right now, so we took some silly pics for her!
After that, got Ghiradelli Hot cocoa, and walked around the rest of downtown disney. It was really fun to just get out and enjoy the night with Sean.
Well we are both doin really great.. Lookin forward to our friend becky coming into town today to stay for a few days! It feels like its been sooo long since we have seen anyone.
Sean has been doing great with baseball. Its been fun to hear how positive he is! He has thrown two bull pins, which both went very well, and today he is throwing to live hitters. So we will see how it goes...
Thanks for all your prayers. We are really doing great and I am feelin a lot better!
Enjoy your weekend and remember to always appreciate your family and friends!