Thursday, March 13, 2008

Becky meets Orlando and Sean's first Games!

This past week was so fun having our dear friend Becky in town. She was here working for a conference and then stayed with us for 4 extra days. SO FUN!! It was so refreshing having a lil piece of home here with us. We had lots of fun. We went to a big league game, Sean taught us how to golf and went golfing for free and drove those crazy carts, we cooked and made a huge fiesta for some of Sean's friends..(one who had a big crush on beckers.. haha.. inside joke). We also explored Orlando and found the cutest town named CELEBRATION. Walt Disney designed it and it actually feels like the Truman Show. Everything is PERFECT. Cutest houses with white picket fences, immaculate landscaping, and the cutest downtown that feels like toon town. SO fun!
We also went to Universal city walk and Downtown Disney. The pictures of Becky and I in the Harley Davidson get up was taken at the Harley store in downtown Disney and we just couldn't resist taking pics with the leather vests and the flame doo rags. SO hilarious! Sean was dying!
Well, it was great fun having a friend out here. Wish more of you could come visit. Sean and I cant believe we only have 2 more weeks here. It has gone soo fast. And I am still soo white.. the weather has been awful!
Sean started pitching in scrimmage games this past week. Both games he pitched only one inning. Their coaches are only letting each of the pitchers pitch one inning right now so everyone gets time and no one gets worn out. The first outing was a little bit better than the second. Neither were fantastic, but nothing to worry about. He is still just getting into the groove of things. He pitches 2 innings tomorrow, so hopefully it will be great! He loves his new pitching coach, and believes he has taught him a lot of great techniques. His big pitch right now is his change up. Sean believes it could be great this season! Once Sean starts pitching more I will let him explain all this baseball stuff in more detail, since I clearly don't know very much! I am learning though!
Well continue to pray for Sean and I in being a light to all we meet! Some of these guys,we've met, have great hearts but are just so lost.
We look forward to Easter and the special meaning it brings to all of us. Our Savior is so gracious. Easter is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ's miracle with everyone who may not believe. Rejoice in the fact that we have a glorious God who has saved us from so many things we least deserve. Love you guys, miss you!!

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