Thursday, March 27, 2008

Double AA HERE WE COME!!! Watch out.. Mr Walker is on FIRe!!

Hey loved ones.. sean is seriously on fire! He pitched yesterday and it was the absolute best i have ever seen!! He was supposed to pitch on Thursday, but surprised him and said he had to pitch Wed. He did awesome though!!
He pitched a total of 59 pitches in 6 innings! (That is really good, in case my friends dont know.. ha ha) He also pitched 80% strikes! (Also AMAZING). He also gave up NO runs, and no walks and struck out 7! And last but not least, he got two at bats.. and the first at bat he hit a rocket over second base and got a HIT!! So GREAT!! It was so fun to watch! I was screaming and jumping up and down when he got on base.. After he got a hit, the next guy was walked. So sean got over to 2nd, then the next guy got out and sean stole third with an amazingly awkward slide... It was awesome and he wasww SAFE.. the next two got out so he didnt make it home.. oh well!
Well after that amazing outing.. he found out he made the double AA roster! We are soo excited. We are headed out of Florida right now. Everything is packed up and ready to hit the road!!
We cant tell you how thankful we are of all your prayers!
Thank you soo much!
Here are some pictures of him pitching and hitting... Then that night we went out and celebrated over some good food and drinks and the last one is of us enjoying the sunshine at a gorgeous resort!!
We have had an amazing time here in florida and are thrilled to start our next journey..
More updates to come!! Now its time to find a place to live, find a job, and start our great season of baseball!!
Talk to you all soon. Love you!

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