Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more week of Spring Training!!-TIME TO PRAY HARD!!

Hey guys.. it is now thursday, the first day of spring.. and if we are really lucky and in Double AA this year, we will be leavin Orlando in exactly one week! It has flown by!! This past week we had fun on St Patricks day going to a local pub with the entire Astros Organization(not planned) but all the boys showed up for a good time. We, unlike them, got there at 8pm and were out of there by 9:30pm. We are not used to being out at all at night and 9:30 was pushin it, our bed was callin us home!
The boys were shocked to see us leave so early, but we didnt care one bit! That night at the pub, we hung out with a new couple we just met. He was with the Padres Organization for the past 5 years and recently got picked up with the Astros. They are from South Carolina and have been married for 4.5 years. She was really sweet.. it was so good to just talk to another wife. The next day we had them over for dinner, and the next day she and I hung out and went shopping and laid out while the boys played. It was so refreshing to be with another girl and hear all her baseball stories.. All in all this time out here has really been very relaxing and fun for the both of us. Sean and I are just anxiously waiting the assignment of where we will be heading. As far as baseball stuff.. they started releasing people yesterday.. soo scary... 3 pitchers that sean had known over the years got released.. and he thinks a bunch more people will be released tomorrow!! This is the time where it gets very stressful around the field and clubhouse. Pray!! Sean and I had the privilege to go out to dinner with the head Big League chaplain last night. It was really great. He is a young guy who really loves the Lord. It was interesting to hear his background in that he grew up going to Hume Lake Christian Camps and decided his senior year in camp, while my dad was speaking, to commit his life to ministry.. So wierd all the different connections we had, but great to go out to eat with another strong believer. Great resource for Sean throughout this journey!!
Well guys.. Sean pitched an awesome outing on Tuesday. He got to pitch 3 innings... and the first two were awesome, 1-2-3 outs in both innings... then the third was a bit more rocky in allowing 2 runs coming in.. but his pitching looked great.. and the coaches seemed pleased!
All we can ask for is that God will have us wherever he wants us! Please continue to pray for sean.. We really want to be in DoubleAA but know God ultimately knows the BEST plan for us!
Love all of you.. miss you more and more everyday!
Sorry no pics this time.. We have been slacking with the camera!

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lazarofamily said...

love you guys and we're praying big time for *everything*. xo, lazaros