Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road AGAIN!!

WOW.. Alot has happened in the last 12 hours!! 
Yesterday we had a great day. Sean coached lil boys at a baseball camp in the morning. I ran errands, came back at noon, ate a picnic lunch with him at the beach. After the beach we went to the pool and swam and laughed and had a great afternoon. 

230 came and it was time for sean to report to the field for the game. I dropped him off.. came home, got ready and went out to dinner before the game with some of the wives and girlfriends.. Well we went to the game.. normal night at the park.. then Sean came in to pitch. 

He did GREAT. Came into a high pressure situation, bases loaded, no outs! He ended up letting one run come home,  but otherwise shut down the inning. He came in for two more innings after that( total of 3) and gave up no runs against him, one SO, no walks. Overall a Great outing!!
I was soo proud of him. He was in the ZONE!!

So after the game he came out of his clubhouse to greet me. He was smiling from ear to ear! I thought it was because of his great outing, but there was more attached!

He was told by his coaches that they were sending him back down to Salem!
Salem, is the high A team that sean was on last year. Although Corpus is a better team, sean felt priveleged that the organization still believed in him and saw potential in him even after such a bad season. They could have released him completely. But they chose not to! They told him they want him to be developed as a Closer!! They think that he does well under pressure and they want to utilize his great arm to the best of their ability!

So long story short.. sean is smiling ear to ear.. and i am smiling but also thinking a 100 thoughts a second, and my eyes are welling up as he is telling me and kissing me. The first thing i thought of was my JOB! I cant just quit!!

Well we figured it all out after coming up with 20 different scenarios. I am completing this week of work, then going to fly back to SD for 2 weeks since I was already having to fly back anyways for a wedding. Then i am going to fly out to Salem for the last 2 weeks of the season with him and drive back across the country together...
It is crazy to say the least.. But it is all apart of the GAME, RIght??

Wow.. never really thought it would happen this late in the season.. but it did.. and we know that it is all a part of God's perfect plan for our lives!

We are overjoyed by what the Lord has been teaching us already! God is in control, and we have to keep trusting him!
Please keep praying for us! We need a lot!

Our Friend- Verde the Lizard!!

where is he?

Look at his big colorful throat!

Verde on our picnic table.

Sean's friend on his hand

Here is a glimpse of what sean likes doing lately.. Taking photos!! He is becoming quite the photographer. He really enjoys it.. It almost an obsession.. but a good obsession!
This morning while in the midst of craziness.. he still found a few minutes to play with our camera and take pictures of our friends we have at our house. Sean loves the lizards.. he would chase and catch them all day if he could! I wanted to put them on here so my niece Bella and nephews Diego and Christian could see. They probably think they are super cool too.. Just like their Uncle Sean does!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are becoming proud Texans!!

When we were downtown San Antonio, we saw a cool wall with a painted Texas flag. We decided to take some pics. We were feelin pretty patriotic and Proud of the USA after seeing the Alamo.  Texas is a very proud state!
So i gave a lil salute in one of the pics.. lil corny, but very fun. Texas isnt the same as California.. but some parts are pretty fun!

Remember the ALAMO!!

So.. today we woke up and decided we really needed to go see the alamo and learn more about it. It was soo cool to see the ruins of the remaining ALAMO! The fight was pretty crazy..The Mexicanos against the Americans(David Crockett and General Travis). The attack occurred over 150 years ago, and yet the fort looked so good, barely ruined! Well it was fun to learn more about. Did you know that the Alamo was named the Alamo because in spanish the Cotton-blossom tree is called alamo.. and there were a lot of Cottonblossom trees on the land near where they built this fort. Another interesting fact was the famous saying, "Always remember the Alamo," came from a general yelling it before he was killed. It doesn't mean remember just the fort.. but remember the American heroes that fought for their honorable State of Texas!
Well anyways.. it was really fun and sean enjoyed taking pictures of all the cool old limestone rock, archways, and cool doorways...

Mama Gretch came to Corpus!!

A lot has happened this past week!
My mom flew in last wednesday! It has been so much fun to have her around! She is the Best! Then on Thursday, I got authorized my texas nursing license. So back to work i went!! It was bad timing in that it was issued to me while my mom was here.. but she didn't mind.. so i went and worked 2 of the days she was here. My mom and I had fun laying by the pool, shopping at our Local favorites: Marshalls, Ross, Old Navy.. and our mall has a fantastic Forever 21!!
We also bbq'd with seanny, swam, went to church, and the texas state aquarium!
It all was very fun. This past monday was my mom's birthday. I felt really bad because I worked.. but we enjoyed a great baseball game after work!
Then on Tuesday we headed up to San Antonio!
Yesterday, we went downtown to the riverwalk, where we ate lunch at a BBQ place. Then we walked around, hung out with Sean and his baseball buddies, and then checked in to the team hotel!
Later in the day, we went to this great mall in Fiesta, Texas. It was very close to where we were staying. We enjoyed going to the Nordstrom sale and eating tasty food from the Nordy Cafe!!
This mall was sooo cool! It had everything from Nordstrom to Anthropologie to Forever to Gap to Banana to whatever you could think of!
Anyways we had a lot of fun and then went to the bball game at the San Antonio stadium.
The San Antonio Missions are the Double AA team for the San Diego Padres.. so its kind of to think that some of these guys might be in SD some day!!
Well today was the last day with mi madre here.. so we went to the ALAMO.. Read above for more about the ALAMO!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sean's Team Celebrates 50 Years !!

Sean's Team is celebrating their 50th anniversary this week.
The team used to be called the GIANTS, hence sean's uniform..
It has been very fun because the team got the boys the old replica uniforms... and have been doing fun give aways and things at the games.. Last night they had 8 original Giants players throw the first pitch. It was so cute watching all these old men try to make their pitches reach the boys.. Sean was really cute and loved catching for them!
The other picture shows me with another sweet wife named Nina. She is from Lexington, KY.. and is such the sweet southern kentucky girl! Her husband is the only other one that has kept his mustache.. Oh.. boys.. cant live with em.. cant live without em..

Mustache Mania!!

SOoo lucky me.. i got welcomed home by MR. Mustache himself..
Sean thought it was really funny to grow a disgusting mustache.. so he has.. and he continues. There were like 5 of them that all started growing staches on the team. Most of them have shaved them off since they have been back in town.. Except Sean of coarse!! He thinks its really cool!! I disagree!! There is nothing good about it.. It looks ridiculous.. it scratches me when i kiss him.. it makes my face break out.. and it scares lil children away!! Ha ha.. it was so funny.. we were in the grocery store the other day and sean was trying to talk to this lil kid and he wouldnt talk back.. he hid behind his mom... usually kids flock to sean.. but not molester mustache sean!! HA HA!! Well I told him to live it up out here.. because he will never be allowed to have one in san diego! I have allowed it out here.. because it just goes along with our ghetto Texas life!!
Well other than the stache.. i am so thankful to have seanny home! It has been soo fun.. we have made dinners again together.. and enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi.. taken lots of pictures(hence all his model shots of his proud trademark...).
Well love you all!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

God's promise!

So i went out tonight, thinking i bet there will be a rainbow from all the rain we've had the last 2 days.. When i went outside.. i saw nothing.. Then when I came out again.. i looked a different direction.. and wa la.. The most incredible rainbow i have ever seen. I saw a rainbow almost everyday living in Hawaii, but this one was huge. It was panoramic.. It started at one base and did the entire u shape. I wish i had a different lens on my calendar to capture its complete beauty. My lens wouldnt zoom out far enough, so i only got sections.
The sky and rainbow were absolutely gorgeous!!
I have decided that I love photography, and therefore when i am bored, why not go out and capture God's beauty.
This rainbow reminded me of His complete faithfulness! He promises to never flood the earth again.. He gave us the reminding rainbow to show us to never forget his promises! He is one amazing God. Sometimes I feel like he is so far away.. But on days like today I feel him so close, by his majestic artwork he displays in the sky!

I am sooo LUCKY!!

I am so in love with my husband! I put music on our blog.. you can see a list to the left of some of my favorite songs.. Sean played this song "LUcky " by Jason Mraz for me the other day right before he left for his roadtrip!! He is so cute and sensitive!
It is the cutest song.. you should listen to all the words!! I am HOnestly sooo lucky to have Sean in my life!! I just wanted yall to know how i am sooo lucky to have the most amazing HUsband in the world!! He is so caring, encouraging, uplifting, joyful, loving, intentional, Godly...
Ok enough mush talk!! Just extremely bored without him here and with no job.. and have had a lot of time to think and well i just miss him and am so inspired by him. It has been a very difficult season and yet he still perseveres with joy in his heart!
Ok well.. maybe if you are married tell your husband you love him.. if you arent married.. then tell someone you love, that you love them! Ok i am done.. and i truly love you all!! oh gosh i think i might cry.. been real emotional lately!! YIKES!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nothing to do in Corpus.. Want to GOLF??

So sean and i got REALLY frustrated on Tuesday when we sat around ALL morning.. Complaining about how there is NOthing to do in Corpus Christi..
After being grumpy for most of the day.. Sean said lets go golf tomorrow! I said.. i dont know how.. He said.. i will teach you..
Well after deciding that may be fun.. I found out that 3 other guys from the team had a tee time set up for wed at 10am.. HmMM... Did my husband really want to take me golfing.. or did he want to play with his pals?? i dont know.. but it was fun! I mostly drove the cart, and putted a few times.. but it was fun.. Then a huge storm passed through and we all got drenched!!
It was fun. We only played 9 holes.. but i think that was good for me!
I would definetly go back! After all my mother in law is pro at golf.. So i should learn so i can play with her some day!!
Well love you guys!!