Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road AGAIN!!

WOW.. Alot has happened in the last 12 hours!! 
Yesterday we had a great day. Sean coached lil boys at a baseball camp in the morning. I ran errands, came back at noon, ate a picnic lunch with him at the beach. After the beach we went to the pool and swam and laughed and had a great afternoon. 

230 came and it was time for sean to report to the field for the game. I dropped him off.. came home, got ready and went out to dinner before the game with some of the wives and girlfriends.. Well we went to the game.. normal night at the park.. then Sean came in to pitch. 

He did GREAT. Came into a high pressure situation, bases loaded, no outs! He ended up letting one run come home,  but otherwise shut down the inning. He came in for two more innings after that( total of 3) and gave up no runs against him, one SO, no walks. Overall a Great outing!!
I was soo proud of him. He was in the ZONE!!

So after the game he came out of his clubhouse to greet me. He was smiling from ear to ear! I thought it was because of his great outing, but there was more attached!

He was told by his coaches that they were sending him back down to Salem!
Salem, is the high A team that sean was on last year. Although Corpus is a better team, sean felt priveleged that the organization still believed in him and saw potential in him even after such a bad season. They could have released him completely. But they chose not to! They told him they want him to be developed as a Closer!! They think that he does well under pressure and they want to utilize his great arm to the best of their ability!

So long story short.. sean is smiling ear to ear.. and i am smiling but also thinking a 100 thoughts a second, and my eyes are welling up as he is telling me and kissing me. The first thing i thought of was my JOB! I cant just quit!!

Well we figured it all out after coming up with 20 different scenarios. I am completing this week of work, then going to fly back to SD for 2 weeks since I was already having to fly back anyways for a wedding. Then i am going to fly out to Salem for the last 2 weeks of the season with him and drive back across the country together...
It is crazy to say the least.. But it is all apart of the GAME, RIght??

Wow.. never really thought it would happen this late in the season.. but it did.. and we know that it is all a part of God's perfect plan for our lives!

We are overjoyed by what the Lord has been teaching us already! God is in control, and we have to keep trusting him!
Please keep praying for us! We need a lot!


Chance and Josey Douglass said...

My lovely sweet Brianne~
I'm so sorry you had to join the "moving club" with me but yet on the other hand i completely understand what you are feeling. I love you and will definitely be calling you tomorrow. We will always have Corpus together!! hope we can all get together sometime after season.

Jessica said...

Yay! We should have a reunion when you're in town!