Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remember the ALAMO!!

So.. today we woke up and decided we really needed to go see the alamo and learn more about it. It was soo cool to see the ruins of the remaining ALAMO! The fight was pretty crazy..The Mexicanos against the Americans(David Crockett and General Travis). The attack occurred over 150 years ago, and yet the fort looked so good, barely ruined! Well it was fun to learn more about. Did you know that the Alamo was named the Alamo because in spanish the Cotton-blossom tree is called alamo.. and there were a lot of Cottonblossom trees on the land near where they built this fort. Another interesting fact was the famous saying, "Always remember the Alamo," came from a general yelling it before he was killed. It doesn't mean remember just the fort.. but remember the American heroes that fought for their honorable State of Texas!
Well anyways.. it was really fun and sean enjoyed taking pictures of all the cool old limestone rock, archways, and cool doorways...

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