Monday, March 28, 2011

Reid: 2-4 weeks

This post highlights some more pictures we took of him, trying to get some good ones for his birth announcement. I think he knows that his dad is a professional photographer, because he sure HATES taking pictures. It was quite the task to get a handful of good ones.. haha. We went through many blankets getting soiled, had a space heater blasting heat on him to keep him warm, and nursed him abundantly to try to keep him asleep! It was really funny watching Sean and I positioning him and trying to get him to wear different things. We have so much fun with him already, I can't imagine how much more fun it will be when he is giggling and more interactive. I LOVE being a mom. Nothing has brought Sean and I closer and more in love with eachother than his little life. Enjoy the pics.

Reid: 2 weeks old

Sorry it has been a few weeks since I last blogged. We have actually been really bad about taking pictures of our little guy. You would think that we would be taking pictures of him constantly, but we really haven't. These pictures are of him when he was only 2 weeks old. I keep thinking he hasn't gotten much bigger but looking back on these photos, he has grown so much since then. I find myself just staring at his tiny toes and fingers. God has created him so intricately and I am in awe of His greatness every day. I cant believe how fast they grow. I just told Sean tonight that I am getting sad about how fast he is growing, and how he will NEVER be this small again. I know it seems silly to say, but it already is going too fast. He will be 2 months old this Thursday. We have enjoyed every moment. The first 4 weeks were by far the most exciting and exhausting, but worth every minute of our energy. We thank the Lord every day for this incredible gift he has granted us.