Monday, March 28, 2011

Reid: 2-4 weeks

This post highlights some more pictures we took of him, trying to get some good ones for his birth announcement. I think he knows that his dad is a professional photographer, because he sure HATES taking pictures. It was quite the task to get a handful of good ones.. haha. We went through many blankets getting soiled, had a space heater blasting heat on him to keep him warm, and nursed him abundantly to try to keep him asleep! It was really funny watching Sean and I positioning him and trying to get him to wear different things. We have so much fun with him already, I can't imagine how much more fun it will be when he is giggling and more interactive. I LOVE being a mom. Nothing has brought Sean and I closer and more in love with eachother than his little life. Enjoy the pics.

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Shel + Stone said...

Oh my gosh... the second to last photo is awesome... for some reason I always like the crying photos more, maybe they are just more realistic :) Either way it would look awesome printed big! Love them. xo.