Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Sean lifting me
Part of the San Elijo Crew.. Jumpin for joy!
(i am the fourth one in on from the left)
Enjoying the sunsets

Riding bikes along 101.

Surf bums- Andy and Seanny

Every year, the Walkers, go to San Elijo for the week of thanksgiving. It is a great tradition. The weather was really nice and it was so fun to spend quality time with friends and family. Its the perfect atmosphere to really appreciate your friends and family and the beautiful city we live in.
Sean and I had fun surfing, riding bikes, taking walks, playing yatzee, and eating smores by the fire. Some of our best friends, Andrew and Cheri came up last weekend and the boys surfed while us girls went on a walk to starbucks. It was great fun.. Thanksgiving day was awesome.. We spent the morning with my family, then ate in the afternoon with the Walkers and rest of the clan. Although it rained some of the days.. it cleared up to be a gorgeous day on thanksgiving. We want to continue the tradition with our family someday. 
Nothing better than enjoying the sunshine during thanksgiving!

Brianne's 25th Birthday!

Two Mondays ago, November 17th, I turned a quarter of a century old! It seemed like an ordinary day by working all day, but my extraordinary husband surprised me when we got home. We pulled up to the trailer and the stair case and porch was decorated with balloons. As I got closer to the door, i heard bday music playing and when i walked in i was greeted with 2 dozen yellow roses, funfetti cake and cupcakes( my fav, and handmade by sean on his lunch break) an adorable card and pretty neclace.. We then got dressed up and went to a delicious italian restraunt downtown. It was a relaxing evening with scrumptious food and tasty wine.
I am so blessed to have Sean in my life and look forward to the many more years we get to spend together. Later in the week I also celebrated with the my sister and mom and with all the rest of my bestest girlfriends. It was a week filled with celebration. I am so blessed!


Every year the Invisible Children/CYT crew get together for a mock thanksgiving... called SPANXGIVING!! It is fun filled with turkey and all the tasty sides. Everyone brings their favorite dish. 2 years ago, sean and I decided it would be funny to dress up as pilgrims and indians... Noone else dressed up, but we thought we would start a new fun trend.. Well it caught on and last year everyone dressed up that way.. and this year's theme was norman rockwell/40's and 50's. It was very fun to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal with some of our dearest friends. So thankful.. so Spankful!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


As we enter November we just wanted to let everyone know how much we love you and are so thankful for you.
Without all your love, support, and prayer we would not have nor be the people we are today!
As some of you know, Sean's mom has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. As of yet, we have no details.. More to come soon. Please check out the blog I made for Laura. It will keep a close tab on all the details to come.
But most of all we just are so thankful we have a common faith in our Lord and Savior. He guides our every step. Thank you for being such an intricate part of our lives in shaping us to love God and eachother.
We have hope because of who God is.
We have thankful hearts because of what God has done for us.
Thank you again for everything.

Spooky Dinner/Sean's Bday Party

Juno loves Bleaker.
juno and one of the three blind mice.
Girl pic.
juno and bleaker.
80's rockstars (jamie and chris)

oh bleaker.. i sure want a bite of your delicious hot pocket.

Friday, October 31st was very fun this year.
First it was Sean's bday so that was really fun celebrating his day.. but also because I threw a fun spooky dinner down at my old house.. All our favorite people were there and it was a great time of laughing at eachother's costumes and eating yummy food.
It consisted of juno and bleaker(thats us). Great movie if you havent seen it. Once you see it you will think we did a pretty good job with our costumes!! hehee.. 
We secretly won the costume contest but felt bad accepting since it was our party.. so runner ups were Sean's sister and bro-n-law, jamie and Chris. They dressed as 80 rock stars.. and it was soo funny!
Well i hope you halloween was filled with as good of memories as ours.
We love ya!! and if you know juno lingo.. that fo shizz is no food baby its the real deal!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sean's Bday dinner!

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Eating our delicious dinner.
Before dinner, showing off our snazzy outfits!
I surprised Sean and took him out to his favorite restaurant Ruth Chris on Thursday night. It was so fun. We got dressed up and ate at a perfect table overlooking Del Mar.
My mom later showed up with a special delivery.. HIS BIG PRESENT!!!
My mom and I pitched in and bought him a very nice lens for his camera.
Sean was soooo excited. I love seeing Sean excited! It is like nothing you have ever seen. He normally is a pretty jazzed type person.. but when he gets really excited about stuff.. it makes you wish you had his energy!
Sean is really getting more and more into photography. It is a true passion of his. Today he spent 10 hours in an advanced digital photography class! 
And he was soo excited to come home and show me all that he had learned.
Well, what can i say, I love this man. I am overly blessed to have him as my husband and get soo excited when I get the privilege to celebrate life with him!