Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Husband's 29th Birthday:: Bo Beau's

So yesterday was Sean's Real birthday, but since I had to work last night, I thought I should take him out tonight. It was so fun to go on a date without our lil shark :) One of my best friend's offered to babysit and therefore I took her up on it. :) We tried out Bo beau's and it was Delicious! Everything we had was worth bragging about. We started the dinner out with a couple appetizers ( brussel sprouts and cornbread madelaines) Sean enjoyed the steak and frites and I devoured the mac and cheese. It was all soo YUMMY! And oh, the ambiance was super romantical. We sat on the patio next to the fireplace under the twinkle lights.. and they even gave me a blanky to put over my legs to keep me warm! LOOVED IT! If you havent tried it. TRY IT! Its so cute and delicious and well totally on of my new favs in San diego. Its located in Point Loma/OB area.