Sunday, September 26, 2010

the bump: 20 wks

Wow! I am half way there.. can you believe it? It has FLOWN by and I hear the 2nd half even goes faster! I am finally showing more and more each day. Strangers are actually commenting and noticing my bump.. Its pretty fun. Especially when you get special treatment from people. Lovin it!
This week the babe is as big as a banana and weighs about 11 oz. It is so crazy that he is already fully developed but just gets bigger and bigger each day.. We are still trying to name him. We have a few names in the running but havent decided on any of them yet.
We also enjoyed the past week up in Mammoth with Sean's family. It was a great time of rest and relaxation. The air was crisp and fallish. It made me want to eat everything pumpkin flavored. Below are some pics of me and the hub in front of the beautiful aspen trees turning mustard yellow in color.
We look forward to the weeks to come but really cant wait for November because finally life will calm down a bit!
Enjoy the week, take advantage of the beautiful weather and I'll see you next weekend.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

the bump: 19 weeks

This week has been a whirl wind! I have never been so busy in my life. But I think i finally felt the little guy on Wednesday night. I was laying on the couch and there he was, he felt like gas, but also like butterflies in my stomach, almost like the feeling of when you get nervous before a test or presentation or something..Hahaha.. Maybe it was just gas and not the babe, but I wish to believe that it was the lil man :)
He is still growing well. He is the size of a large heirloom tomatoe and his arms and legs are now proportional. He is starting to grow hair too.. I wonder if he will be a blondie or a brunette. Oh how fun it is to dream about him every day. I have continued to pray for him each day that he will know Jesus and Jesus will know him. That he will meet a beautiful sweet girl someday and that they will have a family of their own.
Wow, I could not be more blessed!
Well here are a couple new pics of the bump.. every week i get bigger, but not only in the belly but everywhere..
I am still getting used to people "complimenting" me saying "wow you are soo much bigger"! Those words have never been a good thing, but starting to learn how to embrace it and love it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bridal shower for my dear friend Dana

This weekend has been a busy one.. Yesterday I threw a bridal shower for my beautiful friend Dana Hamann. Dana has been a dear friend of mine since high school. She is like my lil twin! I love her so much and I wanted to make sure the shower was just perfect for her!
Everything was themed around her wedding colors and vintage motif. I used milk glass, and clear glass hobnail. Lots of white and creams.. (if you know me.. they might be my favorite colors/non-colors..haha) with touches of pale pinks. It was in the evening and looked so romantic with the candles lit and twinkle lights over head.. It turned out great and everyone enjoyed the tasty desserts, champagne and warm beverages. What a fun night!
Dana- I love you and thank you for being such faithful friend!

18 weeks: CAKE Cutting Party

Wow.. what a day! I have never ever been so anxious, excited, sick to my stomach as on Friday September 10th. At 1:30 pm on Friday, we went to our official ultrasound. Our ultrasound tech was so sweet. She was from South Carolina and she had the cutest accent. Well as we got in there, sean held my hand and she began the exam. Oh my gosh it was the best movie I have ever seen in my life. Watching the lil bean move around and kick his legs and wave his hands and cross his arms was possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. His little heart was beating away and i got to see all his bones and organs. A true Miracle! I just still cant believe it! Sean and I were smiling from ear to ear.. Well at the end of the exam, she told us to look the other way because she was going to look at the baby's privates.. so we did and then she states, "ok i got it", I said are you sure... she said "yep your baby isnt shy!" at that point we kind of had a feeling that it was a BOY.. but thought maybe she was tricking us.. so we anxiously awaited til the party..
The next 5 hours were painful! We stayed occupied and enjoyed a snack at cheesecake factory, but still was so hard to not know..
When we picked up the cake i could have sworn i saw pink on the baker's apron and also pink through the frosting.. and sean swore he saw blue! It was so funny!
Well 730 finally came and we CUT THE CAKE! It was filled with so many emotions (all good) and everyone anticipated the color of the cake! IT was.... BLUE!!
I was in utter shock.. i thought for sure it was going to be pink.. but none the less.. was sooo excited and sean has never been happier..
We feel entirely too blessed. THank you for everyone that got to join us on that special day.. It was so fun to expirience it together.. I dont think I will ever do it again.. way too stressful! haha
but super fun for the first!!
Here are some pictures from the party!

The "CAKE"

Blue or pink? What will it be??

Me and my beautiful mama!

A gift from sean's parents of Sean's original artwork..

Sean drew the babe in the womb back in high school..

Daddy Keeps trying to peak!!

and the time has come...

Everyone hovers...

The Boy's go WILD!! I love Sean and his dad's reaction in this pic!

Soo happy!!

Grandpa Bob keeps cheerin!! haha!

Boys Embrace!

Pink lost :(


The cake has been CUT!

And its Blue (looks turqouise in this pic)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the bump: 17 weeks

This week flew by! Sean and I barely saw each other this week because our work schedules just didnt coincide.
But all is well in the baby world.. Getting so anxious to find out this coming week if its a boy or girl!
I would say 90% of the people I talk to- says GIRL.. but then there is that 10% that are holding out for the lil boy. I honestly am going to be so excited with either- I just want a healthy beautiful babe that Loves the Lord.. I pray for him or her everyday, that they will grow up feeling loved and loved by Jesus. It is so hard though not knowing if its a boy of girl. I feel once I know it will become so real!
The babe is still developing. our baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she/he's around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She/He can move his/her joints, and his/her sweat glands are starting to develop.

Isnt it so crazy! Well keep following.. Next weeks update will be an exciting one! Friday the 10th is when we find out the gender! Cannot wait! Love you all! Thank you again for all your prayers, Im feeling GREAT!!