Sunday, September 26, 2010

the bump: 20 wks

Wow! I am half way there.. can you believe it? It has FLOWN by and I hear the 2nd half even goes faster! I am finally showing more and more each day. Strangers are actually commenting and noticing my bump.. Its pretty fun. Especially when you get special treatment from people. Lovin it!
This week the babe is as big as a banana and weighs about 11 oz. It is so crazy that he is already fully developed but just gets bigger and bigger each day.. We are still trying to name him. We have a few names in the running but havent decided on any of them yet.
We also enjoyed the past week up in Mammoth with Sean's family. It was a great time of rest and relaxation. The air was crisp and fallish. It made me want to eat everything pumpkin flavored. Below are some pics of me and the hub in front of the beautiful aspen trees turning mustard yellow in color.
We look forward to the weeks to come but really cant wait for November because finally life will calm down a bit!
Enjoy the week, take advantage of the beautiful weather and I'll see you next weekend.

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