Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Aboard!

Last night we had the privelege to go yachting!! It was a blast. One of my friend's Deb from college has a boyfriend who has a yacht. He invited all of us girls and husbands to have a fun dinner cruise last night. It was the funnest night.. We all contributed to a delicious mexican dinner and then enjoyed the cruise down the san diego harbor, under the coronado bridge and around San Diego. It was so much fun.. If we ever strike it rich we want to buy a boat for sure.. We spent the night playing fun games, dancing and eating dessert. 
Wow.. I am so lucky.. my friends equal pure FUN!

San Diego FUN!

Restaurant Week with Silberbergs and Spoelmans 
 Croce's Downtown San Diego- Great Food!!
Becky's Birthday Dinner

This past week was Restaurant Week in San Diego. It is so fun. Many of the tasty restaurants in San Diego participate. Basically they have prefixed menus for a prefixed amount. You receive an appetizer, main course, and dessert. It was so fun. So some of my best friends and husbands went out on Thursday night to enjoy a wonderful dinner together.
Plus on Wednesday of last week, it was my dear friend Becky's bday so all of us girls got together for some delicious pizza downtown. 
Gosh I love my friends, I hate that I have to leave them every 6 months. But they are the bestest and I know that even though I am gone a lot, I will never lose them!!
Love you gals!!


Our dear friends, Karrie and Brian Pyke, called us up last friday and said that they had 2 extra tickets to Stomp! We accepted their generous offer right away and drove up to Orange county with them to enjoy some tasty sushi and see the exciting Broadway show- STOMP. We had awesome seats and the show was crazy. It is mind boggling in how these dancers dance, tap, and hit things to make incredible noise. We loved it, and we love the pykes. We are so blessed with amazing friends!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

90% off- Target AMAZINGNESS!!!!

My friends don't call me MRS. CLAUS FOR NOTHING..  
Today was D-day at Target.. all christmas decorations were 90% off. I felt like a lil kid in a candy store..  I started at 8am in Rancho San diego.. hit jackpot and then journeyed over to Grossmont center to find that they were only 75% off.. so i quickly go over to El Cajon.. where i found even more great decor!!
At this point I was sweating, because i was so amped and basically rolled out of bed with sweats, uggs and b-ball hat.. 
Anyways, I spent 120 dollars(4x the amount i budgeted, but sean didnt even care!) on decor and gifts for next year and saved a total 1200 Dollars..
My best deal was a 6 foot potted tree prelit originally $99.99- and I bought it for a wopping $9.99!!!!
Best deals ever!!
Well here are a couple pics of all my loot..
We better not live in the trailer at cmas next year or else it will be covered to the ceiling with christmas decor!!
Well my secret is out.. put it on the calendar.. it usually goes 90% the weekend after New Years!


I know you are jealous of my outfit!
Simone this is so fun!
The original roomies!
Sean and Joel having way to much fun!

Best friends
Best friends too
This is soo scary!!

When we were at Arrowhead for New Years.. we enjoyed the next day in the snow!! 
We went sledding all day and it was so much fun because we never have snow in Southern California. 
I also got to wear my friend, becky's snow pants that went up to my chest and were super sexy..
My friends told me I looked like a lumberjack/jane because i had a plaid shirt on with high pants, brown uggs( that could be mistaken for construction boots) and brown leather work gloves.. It was pretty much hilarious! Ill be honest though.. i was scared every time i went down.. Maybe because the night before.. sean and i ran into a tree twice and i got some major ice rash on my side..

HAPPY 2009!!

Sean and me- in new years dress
The whole gang minus kar.

This year we celebrated New Year's up at Lake Arrowhead at my friend's cabin. It was soo fun. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from San Diego and it was so fun to be in the snow. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm during the day with tons of snow everywhere. When we got up there we made a big italian dinner and enjoyed sitting around a big round table sharing stories of their highlights of 2008. It was a group of 15 of my closest friends. It was so great. We enjoyed the night drinking wine and champagne, dancing, and playing games. I am truly blessed with the greatest friends EVER.. I would not be the person I am today without all of them. It was so fun to ring in a new year with the people you love the most. 
Well now that 2009 is on its way, we have a lot of goals we want to accomplish between sean and I. It is fun to have Sean as my lil life coach/best friend/accountability partner. God has blessed us with amazing support and as a team we know we will be able to accomplish much.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.. this is a time where we can have a fresh start to things!! Enjoy those you have around you and be thankful for what God has blessed you with.