Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God Listens when we Pray.

Isnt he so cute!! Hahaha.. He hates that I put this picture on here.. But it tied into this blog so well. Sean and I have been praying so much about what God wants for our lives. Sean knows that his time in the Minor Leagues was not a waste. He strongly believes that his time there was to develop him for the future. He has been thinking that he really wants to coach high school level baseball, teach and have his photog biz on the side. Over the last few weeks we have been praying that God would use us and that we would be obedient when he calls us to do something. We are sick of listening to God and yet not DOING anything about it. Today was an amazing day. Sean was asked to speak at a local church on Sunday about what it means to be on a TEAM. After he spoke to the pastor, he was notified that Christian High School is in need of a Assistant Coach/Pitching Coach next season. Sean went to the game to watch one of the boy's he has mentored/coached. During the game, Sean met with the Head Coach and basically he offered Sean the job. Sean is overjoyed in how fast God answered his prayers. We will be gone for school in the fall but when we return in December, Sean will start coaching at Christian High (my alma mater). We are so thankful that our God is a personal God and that he listens to our every need, desire, hope. Thank you for all your prayers. We are excited for what the future holds.

Sean Walker Photography- BLOG IS UP!!

Sean is launching his photography business. His blog is up and running. Check out his amazing work at . We are so excited to embark on this adventure. If you are interested in family, baby, engagement or wedding portraits- Sean is your guy. Please pray for us as we trust God in this journey. We know that Sean has a gift and we are excited to start using those gifts. I will be assisting Sean. It is very fun to work as a team. Stay tuned for his website.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Date day with my Joy... SRW!!

Today we had a fun date day, just the two of us.. We haven't done that in a LOOONG time. We started the day cleaning and making breakfast, then we went to church. Church was awesome. It was about Joy. It inspired me to seek joy more. What is your joy? Mine is many things but my 2 greatest joys are: 1- My salvation, 2- My husband. How amazing is it that our salvation can never be stripped from us. I am so lucky to have a God who promises me a life after this that is free of sin, disease, sadness, filthiness. And that it lasts for eternity.
Well i was "overjoyed" after the service, because i knew the rest of my day was with my 2nd joy, my hub. We went to the Padres game and had a really great time. It was wierd going to a baseball game with sean and not alone. I miss watching him play, but it was very fun to have a date in the stands.
We decided to take some fun pics while we were there. It was a long game... 18 innings long.. but we left early.
Hope you have a great week and find your joys in life!
PS.. My hat was my brother's when he was a lil boy.. Padres 1980's... Pure brown corderoy with orange writing.. CLASSIC.. love you christopher.