Saturday, August 30, 2008

The most Powerful City in the World!

Sean and i had soo much fun in DC this past week. He played a 4 game series in Potomac( 25min from DC). Sean's good buddy, Jeff Mandel, is a starting pitcher for the Potomac team. SO it was was really fun hanging out with him and his wife Sarah. They were both really good friends of Sean's from Baylor. 
Anyways.. we went into town one day and tried to see as much as we could on foot. We walked for 4 straight hours and covered a lot of ground. We started at Georgetown and walked all over the University. It was SOOO beautiful and us kids were reminiscing being back in college again.  Then we walked the streets of Georgetown which were the cutest streets ive ever seen. The character in the old buildings and shops was fascinating.
After Georgetown we headed to the White house, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and capital.
It was so cool to see all those places again. DC is one incredible city. We wished we could have done more. We were going to go back the next day before the game, but it was raining really hard so we didnt get to go. 
Anyways... it has been a blast since ive been out here.
Love you all!
We only have 3 more games and then onward bound we come! I cant believe its almost over!!
Its crazy. Please continue to pray for Sean. He has been doing phenomonal out here... and best of all his spirits are at an all time HIGH!!
We hope he can have 2 more great outings and then call it a year!
Talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back in Salem, VA Again!!

So after all the wedding hoopla in SD,  I flew back to Salem, Va to meet up with Seanny for the last 2 weeks of the season!
It has been so fun!! Sean and I have done something fun everyday. From getting coffee at our favorite coffee shop, Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea, to having  a tea party for 2 at my favorite Victorian Tea house, to going to the batting cages and put put golf, to just laying on a blanket in our favorite park and just chatting, or hangin out eatin pizza with our host family.
It all has been very fun.. plus watching Sean pitch has been soo exciting... 
His approach has completely changed. God has really given him a renewed mind and approach to this game called Baseball. 
He is now in a closer role and he DOMINATES!! Watch out Hoffman!
In the last 10 games his ERA is 1.3.... AWESOME!!
Well just wanted to update you with all that we have been up to!
Remember to enjoy everyday God gives you.. for you NEVER know when your last day may be! I know that may sound morbid.. but that is just something sean and i have been learning soo much.. that we got to live out each day like it could be our last! 
So if we havent told you in a while that we love you.. we do, we love you A LOT! and are so thankful for you!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

THe Arias Wedding!

First dance!
M.O.B and bride.

Mother/son dance..
Finch girls unite.. end of wedding.. lookin a lil schweaty!!
Flower girl.
Me and the gorgeous Bride!!
My pretty Jen!!
FOB and Bride
the gang!
Team Arias.
Oh what a beautiful day!
I am so blessed to know both Carlos and Jen.
They are another amazing couple who now are married and ready to start their journey bringing joy to our Savior.
Both of their hearts beat so strong for Jesus and love each other soo much!
I met Jen in college, as her RA in finch hall. I had the privilege of watching this beautiful relationship evolve since her sophomore year. I love looking back on those late nights laying in her bed as she would smile from ear to ear telling me stories of Carlos!
I am soo excited for all the memories to come!
Here are some pics from the wedding!
It was one of the funnest weddings Ive ever been to!
Congrats and welcome Team Arias!!

Dinner time at MIGUELITOS!!

The groom and his guys!
The bridesmaids in our new white robes. We all were soo excited we wore them the rest of the night in the restraunt!
The boys and their snazzy watches!

The girls with their bride in the middle!!

Jen and Carlos picked the cutest restaurant for Rehearsal dinner! It was called Miguelitos. It is different than Miguels Mexican Cocina in Coronado. It is right there next to Miguel's but it is set in an adorable casita setting. You really felt like you were in a Hispanic home!
The food was delicious too!
We had a lot of fun at rehearsal dinner and then were blessed with adorable thoughtful gifts from the bride and groom. The gals received comfy white robes with our initials embroidered on them. I have always wanted a robe like this.. I was soo jazzed when i opened up my box!
Then Carlos gave all the boys these cool surf watches.
Thanks Jen and Carlos.. You guys are the best!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jen and Carlos' Rehearsal dinner

The sisters, Jamie and Jen with their pops, Paul!

Me and the beautiful bride to be
The sweet Smiles anticipating their wedding day!
All the girls in the wedding party!
I love those sweet father daughter moments!

Jen and Carlos picked a beautiful location for their wedding at the Coronado Community center. It was such a beautiful 2 days. The rehearsal ran perfectly and her family was soo sweet. I loved getting to know all of them. What an exciting day!
I love the rehearsals.. sometimes more emotional and exciting than the actual wedding.
I love you Carlos and Jen!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jen's Bachelorette Partay!!

My dear friend Jen Bowman is getting married on Friday. So we celebrated her singlehood last night! It was soo fun! Probably the most fun i have had in a long time. We had appetizers and drinks at her house, accompanied with a shower for her. Then we went to a dance class, that was soooo fun! After the dance class we went downtown to meet up with the boys at a local pub.
It was a great time to hang with the girls! We had lots and lots of fun!! 
I love you Jen!