Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jen's Bachelorette Partay!!

My dear friend Jen Bowman is getting married on Friday. So we celebrated her singlehood last night! It was soo fun! Probably the most fun i have had in a long time. We had appetizers and drinks at her house, accompanied with a shower for her. Then we went to a dance class, that was soooo fun! After the dance class we went downtown to meet up with the boys at a local pub.
It was a great time to hang with the girls! We had lots and lots of fun!! 
I love you Jen!

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lazarofamily said...

OK, that is *the* photo of the year! You girls look like the dallas cowboy cheerleaders (but hotter!) in the bach and "stripper" photos. britt, you win "bach party idea of the year" for that one. what great friends and good times! hysterical. you're all does that happen...well, there's this nonverbal communication theory.....