Monday, August 18, 2008

THe Arias Wedding!

First dance!
M.O.B and bride.

Mother/son dance..
Finch girls unite.. end of wedding.. lookin a lil schweaty!!
Flower girl.
Me and the gorgeous Bride!!
My pretty Jen!!
FOB and Bride
the gang!
Team Arias.
Oh what a beautiful day!
I am so blessed to know both Carlos and Jen.
They are another amazing couple who now are married and ready to start their journey bringing joy to our Savior.
Both of their hearts beat so strong for Jesus and love each other soo much!
I met Jen in college, as her RA in finch hall. I had the privilege of watching this beautiful relationship evolve since her sophomore year. I love looking back on those late nights laying in her bed as she would smile from ear to ear telling me stories of Carlos!
I am soo excited for all the memories to come!
Here are some pics from the wedding!
It was one of the funnest weddings Ive ever been to!
Congrats and welcome Team Arias!!

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