Monday, February 25, 2008

We Made it!!

Hey everyone.. WE MADE IT. Saturday mornin, we headed out of Louisiana and on through Mississippi, Alabama, and finally to Florida. We landed in Kissimmee at 10:30 Saturday night. We were a bit nervous to see what our place looked like because we had only seen a few pictures online and the rest was pure trust. All of our anxiety was swept away when we walked into our place. It is so nice. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, living area, laundry room.... It feels like a mansion in comparison to the trailer. So Sunday morning we slept in, got mimi's for breakfast, went to super target which had an amazing grocery store inside target. It was fantastic. We unpacked, did laundry, and got settled. We made a nice home cooked meal and then headed off to church. Sean had remembered a church he had gone to before, so we went. It was called Status. It was so refreshing to be in church. Sean and I hadn't been to church in soo long because I had to work like every sunday before we left. Anyway, this church was awesome. The pastor and music were great. He talked about the sermon on the mount. Really instilled in both of us, how we need to be livin our lives. We are soo excited to get back on track with the Lord and have time to dive into His word everyday. I am excited to meet the other wives and have everyone over for dinners. Sean and I both realized that God could use us in many ways, we just have to allow it to happen and learn from Him what he wants from us. Its exciting to be broken and alive again in Christ. We both had such good conversations after the sermon last night. So refreshing!
Well Sean starts spring training today. He was so excited, up at 6 ready to go for his 7 oclock Dr's appt. I am currently at a Panera because they have free internet, and we dont have internet in our place.
We will continue to update you all with all the exciting news. Thank you for all your prayers. We got across the entire US without one crash, ticket, and fight. I know we cant believe it either. We didn't get in one fight the whole time in the car. We are madly in love with each other and so happy to be together for the first time on this journey.
Love you all.. miss you already!!
Things to pray for:
*Sean's health- that he wont get injured but will have a great healthy spring training!
*My health- My Crohn's is actin up a little. I think I just need a normal schedule again.. but pray it doesn't get out of control!
*Our testimony here will be a light to all that meet us!

Louisiana is Amazing!

We pulled into Hammond Louisiana on Thursday night. It was so fun seeing David Clemons(one of Sean's best friends from Baylor, and one of my new favorite people). David Clemons is close to 7 feet of pure southern manners and fun. The first night we went to a very hip sushi place. Sean and I were a lil skeptical goin to sushi in louisiana, but it was some of the best we ever had. After sushi we went over to a very cool old bar to shoot some pool. It was very fun. The next day we woke up and headed out to David's family's ranch/camp. His family owns a large plot of land and on it they have lakes and ponds and a large mobile home with a big sundeck. They call it camp. So after we set up camp, we went into town to have a plate full of cajun crawfish. DISGUSTING! Well actually it just smells bad but really tastes quite good. I could have never eaten a plate full of it, but it was fun to try. I stuck with my chicken fingers and fries. While we were at lunch, the owner named Possum, came over and explained the history of the restaraunt and how it had been around since 1916. It was so fun to hear all the history of the town.
After lunch we went back to camp and fished all afternoon. Sean and I had our own boat and Dave and his girl had their own boat. The boys caught a few fish, but the girls only got nibbles and no catches. Still very fun.
After fishin, we ate dinner, after dinner we got on his four wheeler and went spot lighting through camp searching for animals for the boys to shoot. It was so scary and fun. If you could imagine 4 people on a four wheeler, boys have rifles in hand, girls bundled up in sleeping bags because it is freezing, and all of us laughing because dave just keeps making his own paths by running over trees and getting stuck in the muddy swamps. Nonetheless, it was a day full of fun ending with homemade chocolate chip pie around the campfire.
Great pitstop within our very long roadtrip. I would go back to Louisiana any day. Everyone should go there once. It is good for the soul!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have made it across 4 states!!

Hello yall.. We have landed ourselves in Waco, Tx for the next few days. Our road trip started in Vegas.. where we had lots of fun with Ben and Tiff seeing KA (cirque du solei), eating dinners, going to the spa,etc.... Then the next morning I woke up with a piercing earache. It was so bad that we got up at 7am and drove straight to the Vegas ER. I was soo embarrassed to go to an ER for an earache.. but didnt have too many options.. Soon to find out I had double ear infection in my right ear and a mild ear infection in my left. They put me on a decongestant and antibiotic.. and was feelin better after the first dose!!
So after a relaxing 2nd day in Vegas we departed to the Grand Canyon ( a 2 hour trip in Sean's eyes was really a 5 hour trip). The length was a bit long in getting there.. but it was well worth it. One of the most gorgeous places we have both ever seen. We knew it was grand, but had no idea it was soooo GRAND!!. It was a bit chilly there (30 degrees). Sean couldnt find a sweatshirt in the mix of everything and therefore was very chilly in his vneck short sleeve shirt.. ha ha..
Anyhoo.. we carried on another 5 hours on Sunday through Flagstaff Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico.. to stay in a great 36.95/night Motel 6. So nasty.. but at least a cozy bed to crash our heads on.
Monday we started our 10 hour journey to Texas.. We landed in Waco Texas, where Baylor University lives. Sean has some favorite memories in this town. As soon as we saw signs of Waco he got soooo excited and full of nostalgia. His leg started tapping bigger, his eyes shined brighter, and his speech was speedier and speedier. It was hilarious. So here we sit in the most adorable coffee shop on the campus of Baylor to update this blog to yall.
Thank you for all our prayers.. I am continuing to feel better. We are safe and having a great time on the road. Every hour we invent a new game to keep us occupied. Its been pretty fun. I really thought it would be a lot worst. It is not bad at all.
Love all of you. Miss all of you. We will keep you updated throughout our journey! Enjoy the pics!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hittin the Road!!

We hit the road tomorrow! I cant believe it!! We are off to Vegas for 2 nights with our awesome friends, the Keesey's. Then head out to the Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and finishing in Kissimmee, Florida. We are getting soo excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. I personally am a bundle of mixed emotions. I am so sad to leave my family and best friends, but so excited to share in this exciting time with the man I love. Please continue to pray for us. We will need lots of prayer! We will continue to update our blog throughout our crazy times. Thank you for all that came to the baseball bye bye bbq. It was so fun to have you all there. All the games were very fun. I must throw out a little shout out to my beautiful sister, Meliss... Afterall she did close out the pitching contest and beat the professional pitcher, Sean Walker. Amazing Job sis!! Well, love you all.. See you in 7 months!!