Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bath Time!

This past week i spent a lot of time at my sister's casa. It was really fun to be home again with my sister and her lil ones. One day I took care of the kids all day. It was so exhausting. Probably the best form of birth control. I am not ready for kids, thats for sure. I love these kids with all my heart, but I can not imagine not being able to give them back to my sister at the end of the day!
Here are some pics of Big sister Bella and her baby brother, Diego.


rockinmama said...

you are such a sweet auntie! =) those kids love you so much. you are right, taking care of little ones full time is exhausting! as much as i ADORE mine, i have days where i wish i wasn't the one in "charge". =) love you sweetie! love those lil' ones too!

lazarofamily said...

ahhhh....thx for sharing...i love this of them! yes, it is indeed birth control :) as much as I LOVE my children...speaking of which, where is diego? oh, sleeping, that's right. good time of the night. you are the *bomb* (to use a 90s term seriously) for watching them that day! thk you sista. love you!