Monday, October 31, 2011

Reid's First Halloween

Oh my gosh! If you know me, I am obsessed with holidays and now with a kid, holidays are even WAY MORE Fun than I ever have dreamed.. And it can only get better as they get older, right?? We had soo much fun dressing Reid up this year. Once I decided on him being a shark, I had to think of something we could dress up that would go along with the shark.. Well you guessed it, a shark-attack victim (sean the surfer) and a lifeguard( me)... dont mock the one piece..hehe :) We had fun doing a mini shoot at the beach in Coronado on Friday before attending a friend's halloween party.. The pictures of the Frank and Reid at the party are Priceless and the one of all the babies is Hilarious.. Cant wait to look back on this photo in the years to come as all the kids grow.

Today was Sean's birthday so we enjoyed a picnic in La Jolla and then I had to go to work, so Sean met up with his sister's family in Coronado for a little trick or treating. Jamie had the adorable idea of being Thing 1 and Thing 2 along with baby thing 3 ... and Christian as cat in the hat. So adorable!
Well hope you all had a spooktacular day! I am sick from the potluck we had at work. ICK! Sugar OVERLOAD! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

More Pumpkin Fun: Date night with the Pykes

Yes, we went back to the same pumpkin patch. It was just too much fun to not go back. This time we brought our dear friends the Pykes. I dont know if you remember but Karrie and I were pregnant together and have loved watching our boys grow up together. We cant believe how big they are getting. It was really fun to watch the boys interact with the goats and try to eat the hay and show their personalities in all the pics. I love adding captions to these photos. Its hilarious. These boys bring so much joy to our lives. I am getting so excited to celebrate all the upcoming holidays as a family of three :)Happy Pumpkin picking!

Dads: "Ok boys, go ahead and pet the animals" Frank: pets reid, Reid Pets goat. hahaha!


Frank: " Hey reidster.. i think we could hop this fence and ride the goats if we're quick enough.." Reid: "nah.. man.. dont you see that scary white goat over there.. she's got her eye on us. We gotta just stay real still."

Reid says:"Ok frankie.. you go this way and ill go that way.. we'll be out of this maze in no time."

    Mama's boys
Frank: "Hey reid.. are you seriously eating that.." Reid: "Yea..mmm this corn is delicious."
Like father like son.
Frank: "Hurry Reid help me out.. lets steal this pumpkin".. Reid: "Im not so sure.. i think they are on to us"
Reid: " what the heck? after all that.. these are the pumpkins they picked for us..what a joke!"
Frank: " i know. this is so lame. mine is so tiny..i cant even see it over my big gut." 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I heart Everything Pumpkin!

I love love love FALL!! It just always brings back such good memories of coming home from school and my mom having warm snickerdoodles baking and pumpkin candles burning.. Its just the best time. The weather cools down and the holidays are approaching and well I just love it. I love building memories. I love family. I love anything and everything PUMPKIN. My sister shares in this passion for Fall. So we decided we wanted to kick off October right. Down the street from where they live is an adorable little pumpkin patch. We met her family there along with my mom. It was so fun. It was a dollar for hayrides and corn mazes and then you got to choose whatever pumpkin you wanted off the actual vine. SO fun right? Well after the pumpkin patch my sister made us a delicious fall meal including: cornbread, pumpkin butternut squash leek soup, pork tenderloin with roasted pear and potatoes, and last but not least pumpkin apple crisp with vanilla ice cream! It was an Octoberfeast for sure. Make sure this fall you take some time out to enjoy the small things and make sure to bake at least one pumpkinny dessert.

Rock Creek 2011

Last week we had our annual Walker Family Vacation up at Rock Creek. Rock Creek is located 20 min south of Mammoth Lakes. It is a beautiful quaint lake with a handful of cabins that you can rent. It is usually very relaxing and fun but this year was a bit different due to Reid not liking the altitude. The lil dude didnt sleep at all! He was up every hour on the hour in the night and only took short naps. IT WAS EXHAUSTING! But we made the best of it. We enjoyed fishing, eating delicious food, pie, playing dominoes and cards. My favorite day was the last day when we had a picnic outside and then took adorable pictures of Reid. He was super smiley for the shoot and we got some really cute ones.. So i had to share.
Hope you enjoy. Sorry its been sooo long since I last posted. I will try to be more on top of it. :)