Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rock Creek 2011

Last week we had our annual Walker Family Vacation up at Rock Creek. Rock Creek is located 20 min south of Mammoth Lakes. It is a beautiful quaint lake with a handful of cabins that you can rent. It is usually very relaxing and fun but this year was a bit different due to Reid not liking the altitude. The lil dude didnt sleep at all! He was up every hour on the hour in the night and only took short naps. IT WAS EXHAUSTING! But we made the best of it. We enjoyed fishing, eating delicious food, pie, playing dominoes and cards. My favorite day was the last day when we had a picnic outside and then took adorable pictures of Reid. He was super smiley for the shoot and we got some really cute ones.. So i had to share.
Hope you enjoy. Sorry its been sooo long since I last posted. I will try to be more on top of it. :)



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