Friday, October 14, 2011

More Pumpkin Fun: Date night with the Pykes

Yes, we went back to the same pumpkin patch. It was just too much fun to not go back. This time we brought our dear friends the Pykes. I dont know if you remember but Karrie and I were pregnant together and have loved watching our boys grow up together. We cant believe how big they are getting. It was really fun to watch the boys interact with the goats and try to eat the hay and show their personalities in all the pics. I love adding captions to these photos. Its hilarious. These boys bring so much joy to our lives. I am getting so excited to celebrate all the upcoming holidays as a family of three :)Happy Pumpkin picking!

Dads: "Ok boys, go ahead and pet the animals" Frank: pets reid, Reid Pets goat. hahaha!


Frank: " Hey reidster.. i think we could hop this fence and ride the goats if we're quick enough.." Reid: "nah.. man.. dont you see that scary white goat over there.. she's got her eye on us. We gotta just stay real still."

Reid says:"Ok frankie.. you go this way and ill go that way.. we'll be out of this maze in no time."

    Mama's boys
Frank: "Hey reid.. are you seriously eating that.." Reid: "Yea..mmm this corn is delicious."
Like father like son.
Frank: "Hurry Reid help me out.. lets steal this pumpkin".. Reid: "Im not so sure.. i think they are on to us"
Reid: " what the heck? after all that.. these are the pumpkins they picked for us..what a joke!"
Frank: " i know. this is so lame. mine is so tiny..i cant even see it over my big gut." 


Grace said...

Brianne I love all your pics! and the comments are hilarious!!! Your boy is so darling!!

Jameson and Heather Mora said...

super cuties! so fun to have friends to grow up with :) - Heather

Ross said...

The running commentary is too much! Those two boys are too precious!

Ross said...

This is Suz :)