Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day...Karrie and Brian Pyke's Wedding!!

Last night was Karrie and Brian's wedding. Kar has been a wonderful best friend since our freshman year of college. She married
Brian Pyke, who i have known since 4th grade. He has been like a brother to me! They are perfect for eachother. I am so encouraged by their relationship. One more couple that is livin their lives for Christ. They had an amazing wedding. Everything was so cute and creative and Karrie looked gorgeous!
It was so fun to be with all our college friends and reconnect with people I havent talked to in months!
The pictures are of me and my bestest friends!
I missed Sean soo much though. I was missin my dancing partner. I wish so bad he could have been there!
Well guys I head back to Corpus Christi tomorrow. San Diego was amazing!! I will miss it terribly.. but actually really ready to go back to Corpus to be with my husband. I even tried to change my flight to see if i could get to him quicker.. but was goin to be too expensive!
Love you guys!
If you think of it.. please pray for my health.. since ive been home.. i have progressively felt a lil sicker everyday. I need to just rest and eat bland food when i get home.. but please pray my crohns disease does not get out of control! Thanks guys!

Date day with my bella boo!

Yesterday i had a very fun day with my niece bella! We woke up and had homeade belgium waffles that granny gretchen made us for Diego's first bday!
Then at 9 am bella and I had a beauty parlor date and tata painted bella's nails pretty pink for the wedding. While we were painting she asked for a pink nose! So we decided to paint our noses with the nail polish. Tata b wasnt thinking that it may not come off very easily! Woops... it was quite traumatic getting that paint off! We had to scrub and scrub with nail polish remover.. she was screaming. I then proceeded to clean my own nose, and it was quite unpleasant!
Well once that was over, bella and i headed to the pool. It was so fun. After the pool, we headed back to the house to bake cupcakes for Diego's bday. While we baked we listened and sung princess songs.
It was a great day with my beautiful princess Bella!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

ARrrrr... Diego Turns the Big ONE!! And Tata Bri is in SD!

Hey everyone I made it home and it has been so fun! I miss Sean like Crazy though!
It is so wierd to be home and everything be so great( the weather- PErfect!!, family-so comforting, girls- the best) But there is such a big piece missing without my hubby. I truly miss him like crazy! Well, many of you know but Team walker endured a very hard Tuesday of last week! Sean didn't pitch very well and then to top it off our truck got broken into AGAIN. This time the burglars really found great treasures! They stole our new GPS that we just received from the Walkers the week before, four i pods(yes 4, i know ridiculous that we even have that many, but believe me they all had some kind of purpose) So now that is 5 total ipods stolen from us! Along with my nursing bag with all my work stuff and stethoscope, my beach bag with my journal and cell phone...a camera... and the list goes on!! BAD DAY!! Then after that we got lost for an hour, it was TERRIBLE!!
Then i left my poor husband for a week to come out to san diego for one of my best friend's weddings.
Since I have been here, it has been a blast! Diego turns 1 tomorrow, and so we had a pirate b-day party for him today in Coronado! It was a kick! All these kids are sooo cute! I loved it. Took pictures of them all day! Plus, the weather was absolutely amazing today... You guys are soooo BLESSED to live in San Diego! Don't take this beauty for granted.. I am serious!!
Well anyways it has been great so far and cant wait to go to the wedding tomorrow. Karrie and Brian are so perfect for each other and I am so excited to see them grow together and be another couple rooting for Jesus! I will update again after the wedding tomorrow!
As for Sean, I just got off the phone with him.... and... HE DID IT!! He pitched an awesome game today! Thank you for all your prayers! He finally felt relaxed and comfortable on the mound. He closed the game by pitching 2 3/4 innings, with one strikeout, one hit, no walks, no runs!! I am so proud of him! I know he can do this! Please continue to pray for him! He needs all the support he can get! Also, him and his roomate are leading a bible study tonight.. so that is awesome too! Pray that God works wonders on his team this year!!
Last but certainly not least... His roommate Chance(the couple that we love out here, his wife is my closest friend out in Texas) got moved up to Triple AAA today! So exciting for them! Just wanted to share the praises we hear about! Our God is Great! He continues to work! I am very happy for them but a little sad to have my friend leave me! Please pray that I will find others that connect in the same ways Josey and I did!
I love you guys! Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Off Day in 46 Days!! WOO Hoo!!

All of Sean's Best friends came to Texas for the weekend! It was soo great seeing everyone. It was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by fellow san diegans.. Laren's girlfriend is from Austin, and lives near a beautiful lake and therefore Sean and I drove up Sunday mornin and met up with them to chill on her boat all day. It was sooo fun. I have decided if i ever strike it rich i would love to have a boat. It is one of my most favorite things to do. Whether i am in the water wake-boarding or just layin out on the boat, I LOVE IT!! We all had a great time. We were literally on the boat ALL day! It was awesome! The pics are of sean and I, me wake-boarding, and the whole gang!
I am so thankful sean has so many great friends and now those friends have great counterparts. I love each of the girls they are all with.
After a long day in the sun, sean and i had to drive 4 hours back to Corpus because I had to work yesterday. I was absolutely exhausted from getting 5 hours of sleep, then working a 12 hour shift, then got back on the road straight after work to drive 2 hours up to San Antonio to meet up with the gang again at Sean's game, then went out to eat and didn't hit the sack till 1 am. EXHAUSTING!! But so fun to be with everyone! I am now in San Antonio all day today. Sean has a game at 11. Hopefully he will pitch today, then I drive back to Corpus tonight so I can fly out to San Diego tomorrow mornin. It is crazy around here! But we are havin so much fun! I love all this travelin, all these cities are sooo cool!!
Well love you all! Talk to you soon!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walker fam Unites!!

This past week has been very busy and fun. Last friday, Bob and Laura came into town. It was great to see them! It was a lil taste of home! They were so fun to have around. We went to all the games, ate at lots of good restraunts, played battle of the sexes.. and of coarse me and Laura beat the boys!! And all around had a great time. I unfortunately had to go to classes all week, but the times we had together were GREAT!! I am sure blessed with amazing inlaws. I really love them a lot!! Bob was a lil scared of my driving skills and sometimes questioned how i got by out here on my own.. but still loved me anyway!! The rest of the pictures are of me and Josey, Chance and Josey (our great friends out here), our house(we live behind the garage and to the side of the pool), and last Sean and I on a date at this tasty restraunt called Utopia.
As for updates on us: A new pitcher that was down in Extended spring training finally arrived a few days ago. He is a starter pitcher and therefore Sean got bumped to the Bull Pin. We feel blessed though. We really wanted to stay in Double AA and did not want to pick up everything and move back to Salem, VA. So even though it is a bit of a dissapointment, it is OK!! Sean has a great attitude about it. He was assured by his coaches that they really see potential in him and want to give him a chance to make it! They also said he will be a long relief pitcher, meaning he will still get to pitch 3-4 innings a game! Most likely after all the changes happen... Sean will excel and be a starter again soon! I have been so proud of him. He truly is finding his confidence in the Lord. This past Sunday was his best game. He went 5.1 innings, 5 strikouts, 3 walks, and 3 earned runs. His velocity was back and his form looked awesome. He said he felt great, he just had a mental blog in the 6th inning..
He truly is such an amazing player, teammate, friend, and husband. I am having sooo much fun out here!
I miss everyone dearly, but get to come home in 6 days for a week! YEA!! I am soo excited!
This weekend all of Sean's buddies are in Austin so we are going to meet up with Laren, Ben, Tiff, Ben T and Jay.. It should be lots of fun!!
Please pray for my health.. I have not been feelin great lately. I am trying to watch my diet, and rest but want to make sure my disease doesnt spin out of control. Please pray for discipline for me and also great health. Also continue to pray for Sean and his skill and confidence, that he may completely trust the Lord!
We Love you!! Mua!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dallas was soo FUN!!

THis will just be short.. but i wanted to show you guys the Dallas/Frisco Ball park! It was soo cool! It is my favorite stadium by far!
Also while we were there, we met an old Dodger scout. He and his wife have been in the baseball life for the last 67 years. Not only have they been married that long... but he played pro for a number of years then became a scout for the rest. They are both 87 years old and still enjoying the wonderful american game of Baseball! He scouted for a number of years for the Padres and therefore is good friends with many of the owners of some of the italian restaraunts in Little Italy. He said he was going to call one of them and tell them we would be coming in Sept or Oct, and to have them treat us to a bottle of wine and delicious meal. Ha hA.. it was so funny.. but It was awesome listening to all their stories. They both were so cute and so with it!! THe wife just kept telling me I looked exactly like her grandson's girlfriend. She just couldnt get over it!

Well so here is to baseball and the wonderful journey it may take us! I may have to kill sean if baseball lasts 67 years... heee hee... but all in all we are willing to do whatever God wants. What an example they are to all the players out there. Here is to baseball and longevity in all our marriages! We love you guys!!
The first pic.. is the park, 2nd pic is me and my dear friend Josey, the rest are with the 87 year old peeps.. love you!!