Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dallas was soo FUN!!

THis will just be short.. but i wanted to show you guys the Dallas/Frisco Ball park! It was soo cool! It is my favorite stadium by far!
Also while we were there, we met an old Dodger scout. He and his wife have been in the baseball life for the last 67 years. Not only have they been married that long... but he played pro for a number of years then became a scout for the rest. They are both 87 years old and still enjoying the wonderful american game of Baseball! He scouted for a number of years for the Padres and therefore is good friends with many of the owners of some of the italian restaraunts in Little Italy. He said he was going to call one of them and tell them we would be coming in Sept or Oct, and to have them treat us to a bottle of wine and delicious meal. Ha hA.. it was so funny.. but It was awesome listening to all their stories. They both were so cute and so with it!! THe wife just kept telling me I looked exactly like her grandson's girlfriend. She just couldnt get over it!

Well so here is to baseball and the wonderful journey it may take us! I may have to kill sean if baseball lasts 67 years... heee hee... but all in all we are willing to do whatever God wants. What an example they are to all the players out there. Here is to baseball and longevity in all our marriages! We love you guys!!
The first pic.. is the park, 2nd pic is me and my dear friend Josey, the rest are with the 87 year old peeps.. love you!!

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