Monday, April 28, 2008

We are doing Great!!

Hey guys.. sorry its been so long since the last blog update. Ok where do we start. I have officially started working again. I got the job as a flex RN and so far so good. I have only worked 2 full weeks so far. The hospital is very different than the San Diego Children's hospital, but I like it a lot. Sean left for the first time a couple weeks ago for 8 days.. it was soo hard to be away from him. We havent been gone more than 1 night since we have been married, so that was hard.. but thankfully God has blessed me with a wonderful friend out here. Her name is Josey and she loves the Lord too. It has been great getting to know her. Well this past week Sean had a great outing. He went 7 innings, no walks, 3 strike outs, 5 runs. And he got the win! We won 19-5. He is the only pitcher so far to go that long in the game. It was such an improvement from before. His velocity was way up too. His mode was 92. He did awesome and i was soo proud of him. Anyway, after that outing they left for the road to Dallas(Frisco). Josey and I decided since we both didnt have to be back till Wednesday, we would take a road trip to Dallas and stay the weekend with them. So here we are, in dallas. I love dallas. It is very hip! They have all the good restraunts, shopping.. and more. I spent like 4 hours at the mall the other day because it felt like home with all the great stores. And I actually felt like I could shop and not worry about our car getting broken into.. ha ha.
Well fam and friends.. sean pitches again tomorrow, Tuesday. Pray hard. I really believe God has given his confidence back and his mechanics are dialed in. We continually need your prayers. Thank you for everything so far. Your encouragement has been incredible. We love all of you. I will see some of you in like 2.5 weeks. Yea! Cant wait to come home again.
These pics are of Sean pitchin hard and me at Houston's. As my family knows.. WE LOVE HOUSTONS!! OUr family Favorite Restaraunt.. My mom had told us that there was a Houstons in Dallas.. so Sean and I searched and FOUND!! It was sooo delicious!!

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lazarofamily said...

glad you're home safe, sis. love the dallas "fro". that humidity is incredible. sorry. so stoked you got to eat at houstons and sean pitched well! yipee. i sent a little care package to sean today, so hopefully you guys will get it when he gets back into town. love you, me.