Thursday, October 21, 2010

the bump: 23-24 weeks.

Today marks my 24th week. I cant believe I am 6 mos pregnant already. It has just flown by. And I also cant believe October is almost over and the holidays are just around the corner! Each week I can feel him more- kick, turn and punch and each week my belly grows and grows..
He is almost 2lbs now and about 12 inches long. I went to the Dr's today and they said everything looked perfect on the ultrasound and that all my genetic testing came back negative, so he is a healthy lil fellow.

I still have so much to do before the lil guy gets here. I am still trying to figure out the nursery, and what stroller to buy, and all the crazy lil things that go along with the first baby!
Sean and I are counting down the til wedding season is over, and we can finally have a life on the weekends again. We've both been working very hard to prepare for this lil tike. I have been in nesting mode and cleaning mode and baking mode.. I have loved trying new pumpkin dessert recipes and fall recipes. There is no season I love more than FALL! Its truly the best!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Take time out this weekend and buy a pumpkin if you havent already to decorate your home or make a delicious pumpkinny dessert! Love you all!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My very first Baby Shower

My mom, sister, sister in law, and aunt all threw me a GORGEOUS shower today. It was absolutely perfect. The theme was "cute as a button" and it was PERFECT! From the flower arrangements made by my very own mom to the button details on everything, to the button sugar cookies, to the food and decor. It was all so adorable!
I felt so blessed. All my mom and ma in laws friends and family showered me with many gifts and love and praise. When I said my thank you's at the end, I completely broke down.. I think I was just OVERWHELMED with their love for Sean and I and this baby boy! It was not cute though, it was one of those really ugly cries, not just a little choked with a sweet tear, it was the ugly uncontrollable cry! NOT GOOD! hahah.. but overall it was absolutely perfect and I honestly could not have dreamed of a more perfect shower!
Thank you to all who came and blessed me and our new little family.
The only word that described the day was: BLESSED!

the bump: 21 weeks

Wow, What a beautiful wedding. Ive been to a lot of weddings and seen many brides... but i dont know if anyone has ever looked as beautiful as Dana Hamann/Sanders. She was literally glowing and so happy all day long. From her hair and makeup to her gorgeous gown.. It was all perfect! And the decor of the wedding was so Dana and elegantly vintage and classy.

Dana has been a dear friend of mine since high school, and I had the honor of standing by her side on such a sacred day! Here are a few pics of me at 21 wks, and also a sneak peak at the beautiful day. Sean was the photographer and took amazing pictures of the entire day!