Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walker fam Unites!!

This past week has been very busy and fun. Last friday, Bob and Laura came into town. It was great to see them! It was a lil taste of home! They were so fun to have around. We went to all the games, ate at lots of good restraunts, played battle of the sexes.. and of coarse me and Laura beat the boys!! And all around had a great time. I unfortunately had to go to classes all week, but the times we had together were GREAT!! I am sure blessed with amazing inlaws. I really love them a lot!! Bob was a lil scared of my driving skills and sometimes questioned how i got by out here on my own.. but still loved me anyway!! The rest of the pictures are of me and Josey, Chance and Josey (our great friends out here), our house(we live behind the garage and to the side of the pool), and last Sean and I on a date at this tasty restraunt called Utopia.
As for updates on us: A new pitcher that was down in Extended spring training finally arrived a few days ago. He is a starter pitcher and therefore Sean got bumped to the Bull Pin. We feel blessed though. We really wanted to stay in Double AA and did not want to pick up everything and move back to Salem, VA. So even though it is a bit of a dissapointment, it is OK!! Sean has a great attitude about it. He was assured by his coaches that they really see potential in him and want to give him a chance to make it! They also said he will be a long relief pitcher, meaning he will still get to pitch 3-4 innings a game! Most likely after all the changes happen... Sean will excel and be a starter again soon! I have been so proud of him. He truly is finding his confidence in the Lord. This past Sunday was his best game. He went 5.1 innings, 5 strikouts, 3 walks, and 3 earned runs. His velocity was back and his form looked awesome. He said he felt great, he just had a mental blog in the 6th inning..
He truly is such an amazing player, teammate, friend, and husband. I am having sooo much fun out here!
I miss everyone dearly, but get to come home in 6 days for a week! YEA!! I am soo excited!
This weekend all of Sean's buddies are in Austin so we are going to meet up with Laren, Ben, Tiff, Ben T and Jay.. It should be lots of fun!!
Please pray for my health.. I have not been feelin great lately. I am trying to watch my diet, and rest but want to make sure my disease doesnt spin out of control. Please pray for discipline for me and also great health. Also continue to pray for Sean and his skill and confidence, that he may completely trust the Lord!
We Love you!! Mua!!

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