Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day...Karrie and Brian Pyke's Wedding!!

Last night was Karrie and Brian's wedding. Kar has been a wonderful best friend since our freshman year of college. She married
Brian Pyke, who i have known since 4th grade. He has been like a brother to me! They are perfect for eachother. I am so encouraged by their relationship. One more couple that is livin their lives for Christ. They had an amazing wedding. Everything was so cute and creative and Karrie looked gorgeous!
It was so fun to be with all our college friends and reconnect with people I havent talked to in months!
The pictures are of me and my bestest friends!
I missed Sean soo much though. I was missin my dancing partner. I wish so bad he could have been there!
Well guys I head back to Corpus Christi tomorrow. San Diego was amazing!! I will miss it terribly.. but actually really ready to go back to Corpus to be with my husband. I even tried to change my flight to see if i could get to him quicker.. but was goin to be too expensive!
Love you guys!
If you think of it.. please pray for my health.. since ive been home.. i have progressively felt a lil sicker everyday. I need to just rest and eat bland food when i get home.. but please pray my crohns disease does not get out of control! Thanks guys!

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