Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Sweet Tart for my Sweet Heart!!

Seanny loves fruit tarts for dessert! I have never made one.. so since he was gone for 8 long days.. i decided to get a recipe off the internet and then add to it! It came out soooo delicious! I dont even like fruity desserts and this one was to die for!! I made my mom's famous sugar rice krispie cookie dough for the crust then laid a cream cheese filling on top. I refrigerated it overnight and added fresh sliced strawberries on top the next day. He died over it!! It was soo good! I will share the recipe on my sister's new share it recipe blog!
Well i love my seanny! I sure do miss him and i sure do love bakin for him!
I think that cooking is going to be my new hobby. I really love it and i get awfully proud of things that turn out good.. hence the ridiculous pics! Ok so i get a lil bored in Texas! Not my fault!

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