Friday, June 27, 2008

Team Walker vs. Team Douglass!!

Sean and I are finally back together again!!
After 14 very long days apart we enjoyed 2 whole off days!
We just enjoyed the sunshine laying and playing in the pool and making yummy dinners together.
Wednesday, we had our good friends Josey and Chance over for a BBQ.
Sean and I made marinated chicken, twice baked potatoes, cornbread and esparagus. It was so Delicious!
After dinner we played battle of the sexes, and of coarse the girls won!! Then we played chinese poker.. which is also very fun. After the in door games we moved out to the pool and played Marco polo, and categories til 1am. We ended the night in the hot tub!! It was soo fun!
I love being back home with my best friend. I missed him soo much!
THis married thing is crazy.. you really do feel like you are missing 1/2 of you when you dont have your spouse around!!
Well loves to all! Keep enjoying that warm summer sun!!

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