Monday, May 19, 2008

Date day with my bella boo!

Yesterday i had a very fun day with my niece bella! We woke up and had homeade belgium waffles that granny gretchen made us for Diego's first bday!
Then at 9 am bella and I had a beauty parlor date and tata painted bella's nails pretty pink for the wedding. While we were painting she asked for a pink nose! So we decided to paint our noses with the nail polish. Tata b wasnt thinking that it may not come off very easily! Woops... it was quite traumatic getting that paint off! We had to scrub and scrub with nail polish remover.. she was screaming. I then proceeded to clean my own nose, and it was quite unpleasant!
Well once that was over, bella and i headed to the pool. It was so fun. After the pool, we headed back to the house to bake cupcakes for Diego's bday. While we baked we listened and sung princess songs.
It was a great day with my beautiful princess Bella!!

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