Monday, August 18, 2008

Dinner time at MIGUELITOS!!

The groom and his guys!
The bridesmaids in our new white robes. We all were soo excited we wore them the rest of the night in the restraunt!
The boys and their snazzy watches!

The girls with their bride in the middle!!

Jen and Carlos picked the cutest restaurant for Rehearsal dinner! It was called Miguelitos. It is different than Miguels Mexican Cocina in Coronado. It is right there next to Miguel's but it is set in an adorable casita setting. You really felt like you were in a Hispanic home!
The food was delicious too!
We had a lot of fun at rehearsal dinner and then were blessed with adorable thoughtful gifts from the bride and groom. The gals received comfy white robes with our initials embroidered on them. I have always wanted a robe like this.. I was soo jazzed when i opened up my box!
Then Carlos gave all the boys these cool surf watches.
Thanks Jen and Carlos.. You guys are the best!

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