Sunday, January 4, 2009


I know you are jealous of my outfit!
Simone this is so fun!
The original roomies!
Sean and Joel having way to much fun!

Best friends
Best friends too
This is soo scary!!

When we were at Arrowhead for New Years.. we enjoyed the next day in the snow!! 
We went sledding all day and it was so much fun because we never have snow in Southern California. 
I also got to wear my friend, becky's snow pants that went up to my chest and were super sexy..
My friends told me I looked like a lumberjack/jane because i had a plaid shirt on with high pants, brown uggs( that could be mistaken for construction boots) and brown leather work gloves.. It was pretty much hilarious! Ill be honest though.. i was scared every time i went down.. Maybe because the night before.. sean and i ran into a tree twice and i got some major ice rash on my side..

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lazarofamily said...

you guys are too funny...YES, loved the pants - is Lauren wearing mom's vest from the 70s?