Sunday, January 4, 2009

90% off- Target AMAZINGNESS!!!!

My friends don't call me MRS. CLAUS FOR NOTHING..  
Today was D-day at Target.. all christmas decorations were 90% off. I felt like a lil kid in a candy store..  I started at 8am in Rancho San diego.. hit jackpot and then journeyed over to Grossmont center to find that they were only 75% off.. so i quickly go over to El Cajon.. where i found even more great decor!!
At this point I was sweating, because i was so amped and basically rolled out of bed with sweats, uggs and b-ball hat.. 
Anyways, I spent 120 dollars(4x the amount i budgeted, but sean didnt even care!) on decor and gifts for next year and saved a total 1200 Dollars..
My best deal was a 6 foot potted tree prelit originally $99.99- and I bought it for a wopping $9.99!!!!
Best deals ever!!
Well here are a couple pics of all my loot..
We better not live in the trailer at cmas next year or else it will be covered to the ceiling with christmas decor!!
Well my secret is out.. put it on the calendar.. it usually goes 90% the weekend after New Years!


Chance and Josey Douglass said...

hahaha!!!! Mrs. Claus you are so cute!!! i love all of Christmas Spirit. I miss you!!! come back to Texas!!

rockinmama said...

that is HILARIOUS...and AWESOME! =)

lazarofamily said...

YES! can't wait to see my goods. thx, sis, you're amazing! only wish i oculd have done it all w/ you!