Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spooky Dinner/Sean's Bday Party

Juno loves Bleaker.
juno and one of the three blind mice.
Girl pic.
juno and bleaker.
80's rockstars (jamie and chris)

oh bleaker.. i sure want a bite of your delicious hot pocket.

Friday, October 31st was very fun this year.
First it was Sean's bday so that was really fun celebrating his day.. but also because I threw a fun spooky dinner down at my old house.. All our favorite people were there and it was a great time of laughing at eachother's costumes and eating yummy food.
It consisted of juno and bleaker(thats us). Great movie if you havent seen it. Once you see it you will think we did a pretty good job with our costumes!! hehee.. 
We secretly won the costume contest but felt bad accepting since it was our party.. so runner ups were Sean's sister and bro-n-law, jamie and Chris. They dressed as 80 rock stars.. and it was soo funny!
Well i hope you halloween was filled with as good of memories as ours.
We love ya!! and if you know juno lingo.. that fo shizz is no food baby its the real deal!

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mommymimi said...

Mimi and I LOVE the blog! Thanks for keeping us updated on what's going on in your lives. We are praying hard for your mom, Sean!