Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Sean lifting me
Part of the San Elijo Crew.. Jumpin for joy!
(i am the fourth one in on from the left)
Enjoying the sunsets

Riding bikes along 101.

Surf bums- Andy and Seanny

Every year, the Walkers, go to San Elijo for the week of thanksgiving. It is a great tradition. The weather was really nice and it was so fun to spend quality time with friends and family. Its the perfect atmosphere to really appreciate your friends and family and the beautiful city we live in.
Sean and I had fun surfing, riding bikes, taking walks, playing yatzee, and eating smores by the fire. Some of our best friends, Andrew and Cheri came up last weekend and the boys surfed while us girls went on a walk to starbucks. It was great fun.. Thanksgiving day was awesome.. We spent the morning with my family, then ate in the afternoon with the Walkers and rest of the clan. Although it rained some of the days.. it cleared up to be a gorgeous day on thanksgiving. We want to continue the tradition with our family someday. 
Nothing better than enjoying the sunshine during thanksgiving!

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Chance and Josey Douglass said...

Brianne, Happy late birthday!!!!! I miss you guys!!! come back to Texas!!! you realize baseball season is just around the corner!!!! crazy, huh?? I love all of yall pictures!!! soooo cute, good job Sean!!! i'm glad yall had an amazing thanksgiving!!! we need to talk soon!!!