Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brianne's 25th Birthday!

Two Mondays ago, November 17th, I turned a quarter of a century old! It seemed like an ordinary day by working all day, but my extraordinary husband surprised me when we got home. We pulled up to the trailer and the stair case and porch was decorated with balloons. As I got closer to the door, i heard bday music playing and when i walked in i was greeted with 2 dozen yellow roses, funfetti cake and cupcakes( my fav, and handmade by sean on his lunch break) an adorable card and pretty neclace.. We then got dressed up and went to a delicious italian restraunt downtown. It was a relaxing evening with scrumptious food and tasty wine.
I am so blessed to have Sean in my life and look forward to the many more years we get to spend together. Later in the week I also celebrated with the my sister and mom and with all the rest of my bestest girlfriends. It was a week filled with celebration. I am so blessed!

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