Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sean's Bday dinner!

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Eating our delicious dinner.
Before dinner, showing off our snazzy outfits!
I surprised Sean and took him out to his favorite restaurant Ruth Chris on Thursday night. It was so fun. We got dressed up and ate at a perfect table overlooking Del Mar.
My mom later showed up with a special delivery.. HIS BIG PRESENT!!!
My mom and I pitched in and bought him a very nice lens for his camera.
Sean was soooo excited. I love seeing Sean excited! It is like nothing you have ever seen. He normally is a pretty jazzed type person.. but when he gets really excited about stuff.. it makes you wish you had his energy!
Sean is really getting more and more into photography. It is a true passion of his. Today he spent 10 hours in an advanced digital photography class! 
And he was soo excited to come home and show me all that he had learned.
Well, what can i say, I love this man. I am overly blessed to have him as my husband and get soo excited when I get the privilege to celebrate life with him!

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