Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback to High school!

Our very own Yearbook Photo Booth
We won "Best BFF" senior standout!
"Most wanted on a blind date" meets "Biggest Flirt"
Sean- the baseball jock
Brianne the Cheer Captain

Our dear friend Tiffany Keesey.. turned 25 and for her bday she wanted to have a bday party that was themed.. Flashback to High school. It was histerical. Everyone dressed up in whatever they represented in high school.. So of course i pulled out the cheer gear and sean the bball uniform.
Sean had the brilliant idea to take senior photos of everyone.. with those very cheesy poses.. He set up the entire cazebo as a photo booth. It was so funny!
We even had senior standouts that each person got to pick what they were in high school and then take a picture with that sign.
The entire night was very fun.
It is a great idea  that caused much laughter throughout the night!


lazarofamily said...

ok - i'm confused, who got named what? "Most wanted on a blind date" meets "Biggest Flirt" - :)

Team Walker said...

i was most wanted on a blind date.. and sean hysterically was biggest flirt in high school!
soo funny!