Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Year conquered by LOVE!

Estancia- Poolside
We love taking pics!
Best Italian Restaraunt
Our secret special spot!
Best day!
All my wake up gifts!
the adorable card from my seanny.
Our rings.. Sean's walmart ring..
kiss of bliss

Yesterday, September 30th 2008... was our ONE year Anniversary!
It was AWESOME!! In Sean's words it was "one of the best 24 hours ever, well NOT EVER, but ever.. but not ever!" ha ha.. To put it in a nutshell it was PURE BLISS!
For those of you that are San Diego natives.. you can agree with how beautiful the weather has been the last few days.. its been in the 90's inland and coastal!
So anyways, I thought we were going to have a very ordinary day, run errands and then just go to a nice dinner to celebrate.
Life has been crazy since we have been back and we are planning on going to NYC in December to really celebrate.. so I thought dinner was all that was planned..
Little did I know that my sweet husband planned out a whole day.
I woke up to a massage, then moved downstairs( ha ha 3 steps in the trai trai) to find chocolate covered strawberries, 2 dozen roses, cookies, and framed pictures of us.. with a very sweet note titled, " i am the luckiest". After that he told me my "book"(that he made) of this first year is on its way but didnt print in time for our anniversary.. Then he said he also booked us a room at the Estancia to stay for the night..
My smile couldnt of gotten any bigger!
We started the morning at the Cottage for breakfast, one of our favorite spots in La jolla..
We then proceeded to walk the shores, get starbucks, find a special nook on the beach to lay out and relax...
After a great day at the beach we headed over to our beautiful, tranquil hotel.
I would recommend anyone and everyone to stay at the Estancia.. It is gorgeous and very quiet and romantic!
We swam in the pool (only ones at the pool) and got ready for dinner and then headed off to Piatti's Italian restraunt.
It was the Best!!
This restaraunt was delicious and the atmosphere was to die for. Thanks sis for recommending it.
It was really relaxed, bring your own wine type of a place, and you sit in this adorable patio around this big tree with twinkle lights.. SOOOO romantic!!
I was in bliss from morning til night.
I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful husband. He is my best friend!
Well i hope this blog isnt too nauseating and/or boring.
I just feel so blessed and am so thankful our God crossed our paths and guided us to be life long lovers!
Hope you can evaluate your life and remember to take special time out for those you LOVE!!

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rdinman2002 said...

How precious! You two are wonderful together and it makes me SO happy that you have found so much happiness this first year. Congrats on making it your first of MANY wonderful years to come. It only gets better with time! Love you both!