Monday, September 29, 2008

Rock Creek Walker Family VACA!!

Beautiful Rock Creek
Watch out snyper bri will getcha!!
My cute new parents n laws

Where's Brianne??
My cute nephew, Christian!
I love my HUSBAND!!
My FIRST Fish!!
My new sister!

This past week we have been up near Mammoth Lakes at a small lake called Rock Creek. It has been really relaxing and fun to just kick back and hang with the Walker clan. It is our first All family vacation. For those who know Hume lake, it is very similar, but a little smaller.
It is absolutely gorgeous up here. The aspen trees are turning gold and the sky is crystal clear blue as well as the lake is gorgeous.
We have had fun walking the lake, fishing, canoeing,shooting, reading, cooking, and playing games.
I caught my first fish with Sean yesterday.. I could have had a total of 5 fish.. but I was a little novice and impatient and reeled a little too fast on the first few and the fish flipped off my hook.
So sad. But i did get one rainbow trout. He was a little guy, but worth keeping since he was my first.
Today we headed to town and the girls got massages and the boys golfed.. It was fabulous. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. It was an Aveda Spa and it was fantastic.
I am now in starbucks trying to update this blog while Laura and Jamie do some work.
Speaking of work... I did not get that job I really wanted and that you were all praying for.. so I have been a little stressed, but know God has to be saving me for something better. Please continue to pray that a job opens up soon. I really need to work!
As for now, here are a few pictures my husband has taken while on this trip.. We will update with more once we come home.
Love you guys!!

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