Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh how we love San Diego!!

We left Virginia Monday night around 9pm...not long after I realized I had a screaming bladder infection... So my sweet husband, unpacked the whole bed of the truck to find a little bottle of antibiotics and pain meds for me.. I knew they were in a box, but which box I didnt know! ha ha.. Well we found them and I started feeling better pretty quickly.
We arrived in Tennessee around 3am and decided to crash for the night.
Tuesday we woke up and headed out for a LONG drive. We covered 1/2 of Tennessee, all of Alabama, and all of Texas in 18 hours. It was a crazy drive with strorm Gustav.. but we did it and we did it safely. Wednesday we woke up for our final day.. Knowing our destination would be Beautiful San Diego!
It was another 10 hour drive, but WELL worth it!
Sean and I had fun playing stupid car games, and making up new tunes and dance moves..
We arrived in La Mesa to the the Walker's palace at around 7pm last night. Sean and I had a nice homemade meal, that we almost fell asleep during, a warm shower, and a comfy bed.
Today we are searching for a place to live... and a job for me.
It sounds like I may have to work night shift again... UGH!!! Please pray that God will open up a job that he wants me to do, and do it well!
Well love you all.. Cant wait to see lots of you soon!
ps.The pics are of our roadtrip and the truck being unpacked.

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