Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rio Nexpa- Surf Safari!

This is Sean blogging for the first time in a long time..
For the past year I have been hearing my bestfriend Laren talk about this amazing surf trip he went on while he showed me unbelievable photos. He kept telling me i had to go on the next trip. I finally gave in (which he had to twist my arm extremely hard) and bought our tickets in June. For 3.5 months I was so anxious to surf these amazing waves i had heard so much about. I finally got to see first hand what he was so excited about. We went down to the famous surf spot called Rio Nexpa which is located in Michoacan, Mexico. The travel getting there was a little hectic. we loaded 5 grown men and all of our gear into a tiny toyota pickup to get to LAX, flew a red-eye flight leaving LAX at midnight and arriving Mexico City at 5am, slept in a freezing terminal during our 5 hour layover, barely got to our next flight on time since we didnt realize we had to do our customs/visa paperwork here instead of at our final destination, flew from Mexico City to Zihuatanejo then drove 3.5 hours to get to rio nexpa.
But upon arrival to the sight of perfect waves all excitement was restored and i raced out for an evening session. Michoacan is beautiful. It reminded me so much of Kauai because it is so lush with green jungle and palm trees. The cabanas we stayed at were perfect for the 5 of us especially for only $40 a night. Shower, toilet, fridge, stove, beds, and a hammock. For the next 7 days we surfed our hearts out on some of the most amazing waves i have ever surfed. then we ate a ton of tacos and then surfed some more. The water was a comfortable 80 degrees and there was plenty of sunshine. It was such an incredible trip which i hope will become an annual trip. As Brianne has already posted, as soon as i got home we both headed to Rock Creek to join my family for a week of family vacation. what an amazing few weeks of vacations. Now back to reality and the real world. starting work with Invisible Children (the nonprofit i have worked with the past few offseasons) tomorrow.

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